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Tonedeff :: Official ‘POLYCHROME’ Art Book Ancitipation Thread ::

tonedeff_cn_single.jpg border=0 width=580px

Tonedeff’s massively ambitious second studio album Polymer drops digitally on 7.8.16, which physical editions shipping in early August.

Today, the QN5 head honcho dropped a preview from the forthcoming art book entitled POLYCHROME that will be packed in with the Polymorph edition. The photo, shot by Chad Griffith (aka The Wizard), is entitled “Competitive Nature” and is meant as a companion image for the single which is now on Tonedeff’s Soundcloud.

Polychrome includes the gorgeous cover illustrations from Becky Cloonan and Brian Christopher and stunning original companion photography from Chad Griffith and Scut36, all printed on sturdy 12x12” 150 GSM paper stock. Polydisc and Polymorph pre-orders are closed once again for good, but standard editions are still available on


Wooo weee!

Sounds like we are in for a fucking treat with this Very Happy

Year of the bow was 4 years ago, Tone haha

Looking good and can’t wait to get my hands on all that lovely Polymorph stuff. Intrigued to see what other photography you put together especially as the stuff with Archetype was so dope. Any original artwork by yourself?

Looking sooo good. May the odds be ever in your favor, Tony Everdeen!

Nice ! Can’t wait to go through the whole thing.
These pre-order packages are going to be so untertaining to discover.

time to go organize the wall on how to hang shit up.

I hope there’s something cool for Phantom.