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Tonedeff Tonedeff Reddit AMA RECAP

I don’t really understand how these work, or how long they go on for? But I have some questions ready to go Smile

Epic Aesthetic said:I don’t really understand how these work, or how long they go on for? But I have some questions ready to go Smile

Post a reply and if Tone answers his response will be the name highlighted as whatever username he made by the Moderators. The more “upvotes” you get the higher your question moves to the top. They go for as long as the AMA user wants them to go.

It’s up you guys!

Also for some reason it’s not stickied so please do upvote it if you guys already have accounts or else it won’t be on the front page and easily visible! Do NOT make fake accounts just to vote they are very strict about vote manipulation there - Lil Dicky and his music are permanently banned from there because of that.

It’s stickied now

Posted a few Questions.

I don’t get Reddit… the format is horrible, why is it so popular?

Epic Aesthetic said:Posted a few Questions.

I don’t get Reddit… the format is horrible, why is it so popular?

agree x1000000000000000

it’s basically a wall of text with collapsible portions. so bad.

It’s fairly bare bones and utilitarian from a visual standpoint but honestly, I can’t think of a single other platform whose design facilitates public dialogue *better*.

Missed the deadline to get my question in, damn!
Posting here in the hope that Tone isn’t tired of answering questions about Polymer..

Hi Tone. Great job on a fantastic album! I’m really moved by the content and production while nodding my head to the beat - it takes something special to achieve the former but you’ve somehow managed to pull off both at the same time!

You’ve often said your writing is about catharsis. After writing and recording everything from Moment to Control and More Like You, is it emotionally easier to perform these tracks and has it helped you to better keep your Demons in check?

Lots of amazing answers, thought I’d pull ‘em together:

The Process

My writing process involves a fuckload of popcorn, incessant pacing, and hours of smashing my head into the monitor until something clicks. Popcorn gives the mechanical part of my brain something to do while the creative side can drift.

Although I had a blueprint of what I wanted to do as whole, because I created it in order, I didn’t realize how much the Phantom was going to effect the entire album SONICALLY. The songs ended up SO HUGE sounding that I absolutely had to go back and retool a few of the tracks, which is how I ended up with the V2s on the album. They absolutely did not work in their original states.

Re: his biggest goal for Polymer - I want people to understand me. For once.

(damn…that last one hits me so hard.)

Putting Polymer Together

The final Polymer logo is an empty container, to be filled with the individual molecules. There was a lot of hope and hubris on Archetype that wasn’t met, and Polymer sort of like a negative image of what happens afterwards (hence the black/outlines, etc). It’s the next chapter of my life.

Phantom was the toughest of all the EPs to write. Demon was the toughest to deliver. Hunter was the one I had to motivate myself the most for, cause I’m tired of writing about rapping. Glutton was the most fun to write because I was completely out of my element for some of those songs.

“Sunrise” probably took on the biggest transformation, because I ended up redoing my vocals for the rhyme and added the choir to match the intensity of the rest of the record.

“Control” was absolutely a BEAST to tame. I mixed that song for 10 months and had to buy a new computer in order to even run the session, since it has around 80+ tracks + FX running at the same time. Whittling down my experience of self-sabotage and the events leading up to my divorce and beyond was an exercise in patience and guilt was hard enough, but then I added the difficulty of having a 12-syllable rhyme pattern run for 50+ bars in the first verse. It was just a motherfucker to make.

If I didn’t have manufacturing deadlines, I’d probably still be tweaking “Control”. I THINK it’s done now?

Re: Filthy - The idea was to induce shame. On Glutton it’s a different beast… there’s no conscience… now there is and it’s shameful. Glad you picked up on that.

A song like “Moment” I map out exactly what I want to say and figure out how to punctuate it with the strongest point at the end and write backwards. And then you build accordingly to a crescendo. Not sure if that makes sense the way I wrote it, but closers are like a 1 line summary. If you set it up right, the rest will fall into place.

Demon took about a week. Control took about 2 months. I added the second verse at the last minute.

The Triad - “Five Sisters” / “More Like You” / “Control”
Re: those specific songs -

Sisters hated it. Pops hasn’t heard it.

Re: vulnerability -

It would have to be “More Like You”. It’s the most volatile song on the record and I really have no idea what the ramifications will be. I just know that It needed to be said for my own sanity and piece of mind.

Re: “More Like You’s” ad libs -

I did it in one take. I had to sit in silence on the floor for 20 minutes afterwards. It was not pleasant. But the song is better for it.

Re: “don’t ever change” -

The very last lines work as 1) the voice in my head telling me not to change and 2) an admission to my ex that she did nothing wrong and shouldn’t change, because the damage was done. No, this record was not fun to make. At all.

His Feelings on the Album So Far

Honestly, I’m most proud of the production. It took years to learn how to build a “wall of sound” into what it sounded like in my head. It’s not an easy feat whatsoever. There’s so many things that can go wrong, but sonically, I feel like I pulled it off and this record doesn’t sound like anything else out there. I might have just invented a new genre with Polymer, no bullshit. But genre is dead, so fuck all that. Wink

Songs he’s most proud of: Phantom & Control (Phantom is his favorite)

Looking Ahead

I haven’t decided what my next project will be just yet. Next up is new Polymer videos, more QUINTIC biz and I’d love to get a PAR single out by the end of the year.

Aside from getting Polymer into as many headphones as possible, QUINTIC is my focus. I’ve got some PAR stuff cooking, so hopefully there’ll be a single by the end of the year. Lucy Camp has another EP coming later in the year, and Fjer’s hard at work on her debut LP. We’re not fucking around. Like…at all.

Re: Fjer

Her upcoming album is fucking IN-SANE.

I think if you dig Phantom, you’ll love¬†Hyperrealism.

More collaborations with Fjer & Lucy Camp? 100%

Re: TACM - I got too busy with Polymer and Pack focused on designing. We’ll be back in the fall


“I’m a New York guy, so the Comedy Cellar and Carolines are my go-tos. My favorite comedian is Bill Burr. Saw him open for Tommy Davidson in 2003 and have since caught all of his shows & tapings since. If you hear someone cackling like a Hyena during any of his specials, it’s probably me.
Honorable mentions would be Louis CK, Joe DeRosa, Steven Wright (BARS!) and Anthony Jeselnik.”

Re: Clear ‘Em Out - It wasn’t about Nelly. The label owner figured out a way to spin the promotion of the 12” single and once the press ate it up, it all spun out of control. Had I known it was a diss track, I would have actually had way more fun making band-aid puns.

Re: “No Rich Relatives” - Being in NYC, we had to compete with the likes of Rawkus and Def Jux which was super-connected and well funded, so we took it upon ourselves to shed some light on that so folks knew the difference. Everything we ever did was out of my pocket, so I naturally, I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder.

I think I posted my Q right as at it ended:

Am I just high… or when the lyrics call back to Politics in Hunter V2, is that the vocal sample from Politics heavily flipped as soon as those lyrics begin? Because if so… damn.

Nice one destruc!

Tone has really been this dude since Arsenio (or before). That was the biggest takeaway from the AMA yesterday for me.

Reminded me why I became a fan in the first place.

thank you for saving me from having to read reddit
hate that site

The key to reading reddit is reading it so much that you become desensitized to its bad design. Thats what worked for me at least.

Also thank you for posting all those quotes!