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General Discussion Pokemon GO

So then?

I think the game is kinda meh in many ways but the concept is incredible and the potential is real. It’s already quite some phenomenon but I think it could truly change the western world if they sorted out stability issues and added more features.

Just want to point out this is 666th topic posted

P.S. I caught a Jigglypuff today at lunch.

Few of my classmates play. Hell, my Anatomy professor plays. I don’t because I know my phone wouldn’t be able to handle it, and I wouldn’t be able to handle it. CS:GO and Clash Royale are already huge time sucks for me.

It’s cool that it’s getting people up and out. It’s already gotten some buzz in the health community as people who’ve been mostly sedentary—out of habit or even due to mental health reasons such as depression—now have an incentive to get up and out.

I think the people who are poo-pooing it need to step off their high horse (as hashed out in the Youtube thread).

I have no idea how deep the mechanics go, but it would be rad if a legitimate competitive community somehow sprouted up around the game.

This could either be the first sign of a new wave of augmented reality cultural phenomena, or a fad that peters out after a few months. The 3DS had AR type games too, but it took the massive brand & nostalgia factor that is Pokemon and the ubiquity of cell phones to really get things going. That said people have already leveraged the way the game is set up to take advantage of players in really unfortunate ways (e.g. muggings), and the official GO twitter had to warn players to stop playing while driving a few days ago.

I’ll be watching with close interest, that’s for sure.

I think they need to add features and depth in order for it to survive. It’s a smart way to take advantage of technology we’ve realistically had for ages now, but someone WILL come along and steal their thunder soon if they don’t step up. As it is, it’s a fun distraction but doesn’t have the longevity to convince the naysayers that it’s anything but a fad.

It’s fun though. You really need to walk around to play it and the hook is simple and addictive enough that you’ll want to. When was the last time that ACTUALLY WALKING was an essential part of a video game? It’s a pretty interesting step forward for games and Pokemon.

As someone who was at the perfect age to jump on the Pokemon bandwagon when it first came around, I think that it is really fun and totally feeds into my nostalgia, especially because at least for now they only have the first 151 Pokemon. I’d be interested to see if they expand past this and how they maintain competitive balance between those who are able to play it constantly and those who might be interested in joining a few months from now. Right now it seems like if you didn’t jump in during this past week you are at such a disadvantage if you actually care about competing in gyms and whatever.

Also it is SO annoying when I have to force quit the app so many times in certain locations. But I’m glad to see so many people out and walking around and socializing around my local city center and college campus and hear how it’s positively affecting people’s physical and mental health.

My friends and I tried it out the other day, drove around in search of Pokespots, and probably met ten likeminded people within an hour, which is very cool. A video game causing people to get outside and actually interact with people.

I am resisting to play it too much because I know if I get obsessed then it’ll be over.

I’d rather have a regular Pokemon game on my phone. Not gonna get into this travelling collect-a-thon.

houstonz said:I’d rather have a regular Pokemon game on my phone. Not gonna get into this travelling collect-a-thon.

Not on the phone but there is a new game coming:

Limited Edition Steelcase with both games still hasn’t sold out

Seen 27, Caught 30 btw ( Level 8 )

Been so funny walking around to Pokestops and Gyms, seeing all sorts of people look embarrassed playing on their phones. Seen a mix of all sorts of people playing. There’s never really been anything like this before - blurring the lines between the physical and the digital world.

It’s hit that point on the internet at the moment where 50% of people are lapping it up and the other 50% are contrarions who are ‘too cool’ to acknowledge it.

i just prefer to play video games how they were meant to… alone, one a couch, laying in one’s debris and regrets.

I’ve gotten into it as much as I can while literally at home, aka using incense and randomly having them show up to me vs hunting them. I enjoy it, but there’s not much of anything in my area so I’m not trying to walk around to oddball pokestops and all that shit. I’d like to get into it after spending more time with it though.. the travelling aspect is just not the biz.

Generally the best pokemon come from eggs - you get eggs from pokestops and they hatch when you walk wih them - also once you work out how to crack gyms that’s quite fun. Start walking zack!