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I want to specify this task from a general mission of “Comment on The Needle Drop videos to review Polymer” (which is helpful) to “Directly Message Anthony on Twitter”.

Who here has Twitter? Can we get at least 20 people to DM him? The comment section on the YouTube videos is definitely helpful but it’s easy for comments to get lost unless we all like 1 comment to make it a top comment.

MISSION - Can everyone here DM him on Twitter?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Let him know you’re a fan, and like his reviews. He genuinely listens to albums and listens to the subtleties, etc. Explain to him that hearing him review Polymer would be interesting to watch and hear.

BLUE SCHOOL GOAL: Get 20 DM or more to his Twitter by end of the weekend. We can get 20 people to achieve this, right?


I’m honestly not sure of what he’ll think of it - I’ve seen him say a lot of things I’ve disagreed with on various projects.. Although I’m certainly intrigued.

By the way to add to the mission -

Kags said:By the way to add to the mission -

Nice, went ahead and sent a nice message asking him to review it.

I’ve tweeted at him a few times since release, the most recent time was yesterday I think. I’ll send a DM soon.

I tweeted at him. He kinda weirds me out… but if he reviews it then ok.

Sent a message.

^ Awesome stuff guys. I’m shocked if not everyone here messages him. Can’t imagine how someone is an avid fan on these forums and won’t do something as simple as message him either through his website or twitter if they really care about Tone’s career. Tone won’t be denied anymore.

Tweeted him. Not looking very likely at this point though.

Great albums of July video. Go continue to hit him up. If there’s nothing after August, I’ll officially give up on this mission.

I would also suggest for you all to message and comment on Myke C Towns stuff for a Polymer review as well.