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Tonedeff Polymer Physicals…

Dekorum said:I hope nothing has shipped out without notifying us via email or Facebook, because I hardly check the forum anymore. Anyway, I just realized that I moved again in December so I had to send out another email to to update my address *again*.

I hope that’s still okay..

I’m pretty sure Tone has said he will be sending out an email before shipping requesting any updates to mailing addresses.

So how’s the progress on the documentary going so far?

Is there an ETA on these shipping?

I’m burning the midnight oil here on this.
Finishing up the last round of tweaks/coloring/sound and then it’s off to the manufacturers. I cannot WAAAIT for y’all to see this. But fucking a, it’s been a ridiculous amount of work.

I’m intentionally keeping y’all in the dark on the doc, because it’s important to me that you experience it fully at one time with no spoilers or teases.

I have Lucy in NYC at the end of the month, so I 100% have to be done with all this documentary/physicals stuff by then. And we’ll begin the address confirmation process before we ship out.

Sidenote: If you ever have an idea to make a documentary by yourself… don’t. You’ll die.