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Tonedeff We Hate When This Happens…

What are the chances that this is a coincidence?? So crazy

This guy is the editor in chief of Complex.


... meanwhile, they rejected the pitch to post the “Use Me” video on Complex.

This is why the media sucks, folks.

Wow this nutty…. and that song is so bad lol

Never understood how people listen to this guy.

I’m not going to shit on Danny Brown. I actually enjoy his music. However, him stealing another artists concept for something doesn’t surprise me. Anyone remember the controversy between Danny and R.A. back in 2013 when Danny put out Old? His album cover was almost identical to R.A.s album cover.

So essentially… this is the second time that he’s done something like this. The album is dope though. Just wish he could’ve done something different for the music video. He’s a creative dude so I don’t understand why he does shit like this.

Edit: Delete the following post. Meant to edit something in this post and I must’ve hit quote by accident.

this song is really really bad