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General Discussion iTunes Sucks

Anyone else sick and tired of iTunes’ bullshit?

I just tried for 2 days to add 3 songs to my iPhone and gave up.

Just downloaded Google Play and hope to never use iTunes again.


Hm. I’m looking into using Google Play or MediaMonkey now. I’ve never liked iTunes.

I’ve been an android user all my life so I’ve been using Google Play but even that has become rare in this streaming age. I might be getting ahead of myself but it seems even MP3s are becoming obsolete as we’re in the streaming age. I buy music on bandcamp but obviously use the bandcamp app to stream the music instead of downloading the mp3. Saves space for things I need to download. If it ain’t on bandcamp it might be on Spotify or Soundcloud. Those 3 are my go to’s. If it ain’t on any of those 3 that’s when I go to Google play which by the way has its own cloud service that I used to use to save hard drive space. I still buy physical CDs and Vinyl or Cassette when CDs are not available.

I was going to start a thread, but this related topic will do:

More than once lately I’ve had difficulties finding (legal) downloads for albums and songs. I’m quite prepared to pay, (within reason) for my music, and having just had my lap-top serviced and cleaned and new hard drive fitted, I do not want to get music from any dodgy “free” download sites (which is often all I see if I Google the music in question).

I don’t use, and I don’t want to use, Spotify or Apple’s Evil Empire. Smile All I want is an mp3; is that too much to ask? Amazon was be another possible port of call, but not everything is on Amazon (as a download, anyway). Likewise Bandcamp. I would have thought that artists’ websites and/or Facebook pages would have links to ‘approved’ download locations, but even that isn’t always the case. Sometimes I think people don’t make it easy to get their music.

The latest music I have had this problem with is Devin The Dude’s Acoustic Levitation.

I use Spotify. And like it. But sometimes I want to listen to Taylor Swift and I can’t and it makes me mad.