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General Discussion Music 2017

snowy said:Any fans of Deca here? His album The Ocean from 2013 got a huge amount of plays from me and was my AOTY. He had an instrumental project last year with 2 vocal tracks but it just wasn’t enough. He’s dropping a new album tomorrow though, The Way Through. Ive already pre-ordered the vinyl cause I know its going to be epic.

I had never heard of this dude before. Just checked out The Ocean on your recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed it. Going to check out the new record next.

I can always count on this forum to deliver hidden gems. Thanks!

So I finally listened to the new Big Boi album Boomiverse. Holy shit was I taking a good snooze on this album. Of course I absolutely love it. I never understood why people underrate him the way they do. He’s almost as dope as Andre to me… it’s not like he’s that far off ESPECIALLY if we’re talking about lyrical skill.

Also, Kill Jill slaps so hard on a good system that it’s ridiculous. I need that Big Boi & Killer Mike project in my life.

Currently in the process of making a top 10 end of the year list. Trying to choose between CL, Sadistik, & Lucy Camp for that top spot has been super difficult.

The new Eminem album may be even worse than Encore. I can now say I’ve had another hip hop hero fall entirely the fuck off in my life time. Revival may have been one of the worst albums of 2017. For EMINEM? That’s bad… that’s VERY bad. This isn’t Recovery bad… this isn’t Encore bad…. this is just absolutely horrendous.

One man’s hero is another man’s villain and vice versa. I feel the exact opposite about Eminem. Up until a few years ago I always saw him like a Canibus. He came out strong with the features and a few songs but could never hold my attention for an entire album but I feel MMLP2 and this new one Revival are his best albums. I feel Revival is one of the best albums of the year and one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. I don’t pay attention to reviews because the only view that matters is mine but I know one other person didn’t like the new Em album. I also kind of figure people wouldn’t like it because he’s rapping in a style I like which for some reason is disliked by a lot of people. I love Revival for the same reason I love Sadistik’s Altars album. I’ll be straight up, Altars is my favorite album of the year but if you asked me to explain what Sadistik was talking about in most of that album, I’m not sure I could tell you. It’s music, it’s art. I don’t get joy from breaking down the meaning of lyrics like it’s some book report in school, I like artists who have fun with the music and play with the sounds of words. Because to me that’s what makes a rapper an artist, his ability to play with the sounds of words. Musicians have instruments in which they can manipulate the sounds the instruments create. A rappers instrument is the words and the sounds they make. So I’m inclined to pay attention to the sounds of the words and how rappers manipulate it through either rhyme schemes or homonyms. Yes sometimes I do like to listen to straight forward rapping that has meaning behind it that I’m interested in but my favorite rap is when rappers play with the sounds of words. Some may say I’m missing out by not trying to break down the meanings of rhymes but like I said, that’s just not really me. I don’t care about figuring out what a rapper was trying to say through some complex metaphor or whatever, I just care about how he said it because the “how” is the artistic part. I’m sure there is deeper meaning to some of Sadistik’s lyrics but I’m not interested in finding that deeper meaning, I just care about the way he flips the sounds of words, phrases, and cliches. I feel like there is a stigma for people like me who just love the art for the art and don’t care the write a book report on every bar a rapper writes.