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General Discussion Music 2017

snowy said:Any fans of Deca here? His album The Ocean from 2013 got a huge amount of plays from me and was my AOTY. He had an instrumental project last year with 2 vocal tracks but it just wasn’t enough. He’s dropping a new album tomorrow though, The Way Through. Ive already pre-ordered the vinyl cause I know its going to be epic.

I had never heard of this dude before. Just checked out The Ocean on your recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed it. Going to check out the new record next.

I can always count on this forum to deliver hidden gems. Thanks!

So I finally listened to the new Big Boi album Boomiverse. Holy shit was I taking a good snooze on this album. Of course I absolutely love it. I never understood why people underrate him the way they do. He’s almost as dope as Andre to me… it’s not like he’s that far off ESPECIALLY if we’re talking about lyrical skill.

Also, Kill Jill slaps so hard on a good system that it’s ridiculous. I need that Big Boi & Killer Mike project in my life.