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The Tonedeff & QN5 IG/Twitter accounts are currently sharing their favorite memories, stories and videos from QN5’s amazing 20-Year run. Be sure to share yours with #qn520yrs.

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Thank you all for your undying love and support all these years.
It’s been our pleasure to entertain and connect with you.
We love y’all!

All of the posts ive been seeing so far are making me all nostalgic. 20 fucking years! hella crazy. i’m currently going through my entire catalog of QN5 releases. got me flashbacking to when i was just a kid amazed at the plethora of talent qn5 provided for my influential little mind. haha

Fuck does time ever fly.

Getting old and shit.

Adulting mad hard and shit.

It’s been a journey.

So many feels.

All up in my feels

I fucking love y’all. Seriously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support over all these years. You fueled this machine.

I think you fueled it.

Monotonous ONE said:I think you fueled it.

hahah Technically, yes… but rest assured, I would have stopped many moons ago had it not been for y’all. When shit gets brutal, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Indeed you are not.

I think we’re all just glad you did keep going. And continue to keep going. Not errybody from that ughhish era are even still doing this shit. Some are even dead. So it’s crazy to see shit continue moving.

A lot of us have become grownups off your shit. You have provided a musical backdrop to our lives. It’s pretty insane shit when you get down to it.

So really. Thank you. I think is what I mean.