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QN5 Discussion I would like to just say thank you QN5 music.

Hi QN5,

Quinitic, blue scholars, QN5 Music, Squijee fans, E-F@MM, etc every fan over the past 10-15ish (maybe 20, maybe 30 cus Tonedeff has been in this for a long time!!) years. You guys have been innovators, boundary pushers and technical as f when it comes to rhyme schemes, concepts, and beats and I want to thank you all for producing the amazing music that comes out your from your catalog (rhymes, beats, and schemes). Its nothing but love, support and passion that lets us express what we feel. I continue to look forward to every piece of music that you guys release (signed, collab or affiliate) because I know you guys ONLY RELEASE THE BEST MUSIC EVER.

Thank you for the years and countlesss v-logs that you guys introduced way the fuck before the rest of the game did. 5 steps ahead of the game isn’t a phrase but a lifestyle.

Thank You,


Much appreciated. Glad to entertain you.