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General Discussion A Becky Cloonan Thread

Searching the forums, Trashman made a thread a few years ago specifically about a new run of Punisher comics she did. But this is a thread for all her work…I had no idea how deep it ran and how well known she was until just now:

I got started on this surfing lists of ‘best horror comics’, and saw her name on Southern Cross. Becky Cloonan, top all time horror comic (according to Paste Magazine), released on Image comics?!? I gotta check that one ASAP.

Anyone read anything she did besides Trashman reading her Punisher run? I see she did the cover for Wicked + Divine # 5, I read Vol. 1 of Wicked + Divine and enjoyed it enough to probably continue it at some point. Ink and Thunder looks ill, only 3 issues for $1 each on comixology, might have to check it out.