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Tacos & Chocolate Milk Podcast Episode 69 idea

*Long post, TLDR*
TACM is great and you don’t need to do anything special for Episode 69! Please record another episode. Smile

(Longer version below)

So, QN5 has turned 21 (in a great 5/5 Instagram livestream, that is unfortunately no longer available), I’ve received my Polydisc, and Tone seems to be in better health. Happy times!

I’m assuming that there are now few Polymer boxes left over in the QN5 mansion, and Pack mentioned that he’s pushing to bring back TACM on the 5/5 livestream (even if it means calling Tone on the phone, recording it and putting it out as a podcast). Are you guys nearly ready to record another episode?

People have been talking about Episode 69 as it should be some kind of major event, but I don’t think it needs to be. Other than the great Fjer opening theme that one time, TACM hadn’t been about putting in huge amounts of effort, and it’s not needed to be. You guys are genuinely entertaining when you get together on the mic/audio recorder, and I’m worried that there might be a delay because of the hype or expectations to make Episode 69 that much more than a “Regular Episode”.

It doesn’t have to be about the obvious sex reference either (although it certainly could be). Looking at the written number, “69” looks fairly like the Yin/Yang symbol. Light and dark, order and chaos. Tacos and chocolate milk. Full circle!

Why not treat Ep 69 as somewhat of a rebirth of the podcast?
No particular special features, just Tone, Pack and an audio recorder. Smile

After the QN5 reminiscing of the livestream, I decided to re-listen to the old episodes again - Episode 1 was just as good last week as when it first came out, and it’s good to hear things I missed the first time or didn’t know about because I was new to all things QN5 back then. (I’m up to Ep 6 now…).

I also checked out the old WQN5 podcasts for the first time -some good stuff, if you don’t mind skipping to the right place in the MP3 file, when the content restarts for some reason. Smile

Taking all of these things into consideration. haha

I re-listened to the episodes recently too and they are absolutely still just as funny as I remember them being.

Would REALLY love new episodes of TACM!

Episode 69 already happened on Instagram live, it was epic.

Oh no, I missed that!!