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QN5 Discussion 5 steps ahead of the game?

if qn5 stands for 5X5X5, why are they considered only 5 steps ahead of the game? wouldn’t it be 625 steps ahead of the game?

I’m not sure, but wouldn’t 5*5*5=125? How did you get 625?

Anyways, this is from an OLD about us page I found on google:

We’ve been questioned as to the origin of the QN5 name. In its simplest definition, the idea behind QN5 is to always stay 5-Steps-Ahead-Of-The-Game. From the production to the lyricism to the artwork to the ideas…the QN5 ethic is reflected in the innovations we constantly aspire to achieve.

Now for the fun part. “What do the actual letters stand for?”. Here’s where it gets tricky. QN5 stands for : Quintic Nickelism (to the 5th power).

What do the words Quintic & Nickelism mean?

Five Steps Ahead Of The Game…:: DEFINITIONS ::
Quintic \Quin"tic\ a. (Alg.): 1. Of the fifth degree or order.

Nick·el·ism (nkl-izm) n. (Plural.): 1. To be 5 steps ahead.of the game. [Root Word: Nickel]

So in essence, Quintic Nickelism means 5x5x5.

1. QN5 was formed on May 5th, 1997.
2. The label’s official symbol, the ASTERISK ( * ) has 5 points and is star-shaped…and always denotes that there is always ‘more’ to what you initially see. [Hence the title of our mixtape series]
3. There are 5 producers on the Production team.
4. At one during his career, label founder, Tonedeff considered changing his name to Nickels, since Five is Tonedeff’s favorite number. He continued to use his original moniker, and decided to use the name Nickels as an AKA for his non-hip-hop productions.
5. The number 5 lies between the numbers 4 & 6.

i feel like a fucking idiot now. i didn’t do the math, just assumed 125

“nickelism” isnt even a word though, and asterisks have 6 points, not 5

i do think its really cool that QN5 was founded on 5/5/97 though

ah i see, no biggie. i also think asteriks can have 5 or 6 points, mine has five *

but changes it to 6 lol ok