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Natti kynfolk mixtape?

does anyone have the download to the kynfolk mixtape? i can only find a single video from youtube. i know it’s been over 15 years but considering how long you guys have been here there might be a chance you have it

and yeah this was kind of an excuse to revive this subforum

I have both. If Natti or Deacon give me permission to send them to you feel free to reach out to me on facebook.

both? there’s two of them?

themanthemyth said:both? there’s two of them?

Jackin 4 beats and Its all Relative.

unrelated, but whatever happened to sunnystylez?

I used to have both of these and miss them a lot! Lost them on a hard drive a while back. Looked all over the place and found some old links from but naturally, none of them worked. It’s been a while.

If you get permission, please post them!

are there any cds of it?

themanthemyth said:are there any cds of it?

Id ask houstonz. Not that Im aware of but I could be wrong. Also I wont post them in here cause Id feel uncomfortable doing that.

There was a CD for a Kynfolk mixtape waaaay back. I never got my hands on one though.

yet another ancient qn5 record lost to the winds of time