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Tonedeff archetype, 1.5 decades later

since the 15th anniversary of archetype already passed a while ago (if 6 months counts as “a while”), there is no master thread for archetype, and this forum desperately needs activity; what are your thoughts on it after this long?

personally, i’ve only discovered archetype (and tonedeff as a whole) about a year and a half ago and even though i’ve listened to it repeatedly and it being one of my favorite records all of time, i feel like it didn’t truly live up to it’s full potential. overture (which is beautiful if i may add) really sets it up as a dark, emotional, and introspective album, but then there’s stuff like dissapointed, quotables, heavyweight and case closed. the tracklist on archetype is really messed up. as good as these tracks are, they kinda ruin the general vibe that the album is supposed to go for. an upbeat brag rap immediately after a song that has a line about self-harm ruins the consistency of the album as a whole. godlovesugly feels more like what archetype should’ve been (minus strings or singing).

but that’s the opinion of someone who hasn’t had as much time to get to know this album as much as most of you guys have had. i wanna hear opinions/critiques from the veterans