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man there’s some serious upgrading going on now…..and that squijee avatar is bananas!!


Prophessah Nino said:
and who’s that xover33 dude with 991 posts after just signing up?

Xover’s been a member of the Ezboards for mad long. If you check his stats on EZboard, thats how many posts he had.

fuck the rest mine’s the best

^^ done deal. Congrats!

come on dawgs, please hook me up.


you post-count says 352.
Custom Avatar = 500 Posts.

Okay, fair is fair. I somehow missed the posts ^^ where you mentioned that.. my bad!

New Avatar Galleries Added

2 New Avatar Galleries Have Been Added! [videogames & toons]

More to come shortly.

If any of you would like to create 80x80 Avatar SETS, please post em and we’ll add them to the galleries.


Awesome new galleries!! I can tell that y’all aim to please.


I haven’t been listening. Can I use this?

done deal. btw, T-Mo…“Collegiate Pimp” is a much iller custom title.

I’ll be taking suggestions. What yall got for me? I’m leaning back toward toward “Collegiate Pimp” but I don’t like to toot my own horn that much…

^^nice av T.Mo… Shocked ...since I have an extra 150 posts to wait for mine, I’ma think of something real special…

I will forever be the guy with no avatar… I’ve never used one on any of the forums I post on. Never been a fan of signatures, either (I block all signature images on forums that I visit).

Word up, Chris. Some muffuckas be abusing them sigs with 18 photos and a 38-page list of their “net battle” victories written in funny *&^*&^(*& characters.

word…people are crazy…one irrelevant line is more than enough…to quote the Collegiate Pimp: That is all.

I want a doom one. meh

hook a brother up with a avatar

soce’s icon just screams “Spiiike!”

good lookin out to whoever did mine Cool

now how about changin “blue schooler” to “He Who Is All Great & Powerfull”...? Surprisedops:

sounds good but itll take mne a while

kinda different i guess, i’ve been rockin the baby blue venom since i joined the boards and now i have to switch it up. I guess the one i have now will due being that Elite’s the one that informed me of ya.


dam 500 gotta staart postin

1 closer…

but custom title is still 1k right?

Yeah, I think custom titles are staying at 1000. Or sign to QN5 for that free custom title. =x

Real gangstas reference internet abreviations. just playin, time to get wasted.

Tone when we hit 1000 are we able to change what it says below our name or is that still on you? I know there is a way to do it so when you hit a certain number you can change it so if it isnt like that maybe it would be easier… (I still dont know yet because i need a little bit more

yea im gettin closer by the post AHHA


Yeah, once you get 1000+ posts, you can change it on your own (click on Profile at the top of the forums)