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The slogans are definitely quality, that QN5 sign just always bugs me out and make me think its an official post.

I got a quick request, just wondering since my name is timmah, and you have a ton of south park characters in there. Is there any way you could slide a timmah pic in there? I picked gobbles cause he’s my pet turkey GOOOOOOOBBLES.

If not no biggie, I can wait till 500, but an idea, towlie would probably be good for the dohja <—fans in the house :>


Oh yeah I’m checking mine too.

(freeposting. Don’t ya love it?)

you could click on any other thread and it would show your post count, or your profile. you spammers

the member list can also sort people in order of number of posts…

well, this little diddy of a thread just answered my question… guess i’ll be visitng this board a bit more often.. but a good idea none the less on the avi’s there..

I chose this one.. funny as hell!! Laughing but I’ve got my ‘custom’ one ready and waiting…

500 here I come! Razz

IIIOUEAX said:hmmm, i think i want a name change…


I mean, what do you want to change it to?

There you go. Make sure to login with the right username next time, your old one is no more.

500? this should be fun.

damn I gotta admit… my avatar is the shizzalian Very Happy

damn….i was getting ready to set up my new york mets avatar…..we need some sports ones added whenever ya’ll get a chance….it’s the only topic that’s missing


testing my new sig

damn i got a ways…..ways….ways….to go…..zzzzzzz

o well sumthin to strive for in my life


Chris… can I get mine change to Known

that is what it used to be on the old QN5 forum but i couldnt remember the password… so if you could i would appreciate it

Changed—make sure to login with the right username next time. Sorry if you were in the middle of a post when I changed it.

if i read that right it says youll hook up the 80x80? cuz i dont know how to do that kind of stuff. so if you could, i would like this picture done up:


Thanks all[/img]

chris… you are the shit man… woooooohoooooo

RoeCyris, you have any idea at all what that is…?
It says Jood, wich means Jew, every jew was supoosed to wear one during the second world war… Please tell me, why would you wan THAT as an avatar…?!

maybe he is jewish… there are jewish people yaknow… Very Happy

they have existed for millions…wait thousands of years…..and they keep trak of every last day Smile


KLIPS said:RoeCyris, you have any idea at all what that is…?
It says Jood, wich means Jew, every jew was supoosed to wear one during the second world war… Please tell me, why would you wan THAT as an avatar…?!

Why on earth would you think someone would put that up and NOT be aware of what it is. Your five past your 15 which means you should have stoped saying stupid things 5 posts ago.

But to answer your fucking question: i am jewish and i live every day for every person who died in the Holocaust who can not.

Don’t ever try to school me on my people or our past. It angers me. Twisted Evil

Wow. The newbie pretty much got owned.

500 posts???

well i got a fuckin long way to go then Rolling Eyes

Well this is a good way to start your journey, or to further your success in your seemingly never ending quest, as I am doing know. Yet it is not as low as the post whores who are constantly starting new, pointless topics. Although I am not one to name names. It’s just not my jive.

I just want my custom avatar… but I do like my gully peter griffin one though… Unfortunately it mirrors my life too well at the moment…

^^^ i like that shit Kamikaze…..thats pretty Tyte!


<<...guess what?? Tone, Chris…hit me up…

I modified my lil’ Thundercats joint to look kind of like an official seal…


Hey chris… guess what! I have no idea how to resize it properly… think you could get this 80 X 80 for me? Crop whatever you need to, I just want master shake in there. Thanks a lot


^ I haven’t touched the avatars section of the forum (I don’t even have one for myself). tonedeff or a mod/admin has been taking care of all that stuff

ah, ok, well, then whevever a mod sees this, could I get this


as an avatar?