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PackFM Pack n J-Zone…...

I’m not sure how much Zone is chargin for a beat, n I’m also not sure if Pack is just tryin to to stick with fam(QN5 & Affiliates), but if these two got together for a track I imagine it would be nuts. I was actually thinking this a couple months ago but it just popped in my head. umm I think that’s it…....


Anyone ever have a hamburger with a fried egg in it? Amazing!

yea definitely. Pack on some shit like he did for Wordsworth “Not Me” would be ill

Yea I think that would be dope.

I think a lot of QN5 artists on outside producers beats would be illy, but I think the in-house cats hold them down good enough as well.

i originally had a j zone beat for my album but never used it
still might pick something from his new catalog

but this summer me and j are gonna collab on something entirely diff

at the Rocksteady 3 on 3 Basketball tourny

FMania iNc.
PackFM, Swave Sever, Icon The Mic King, Headline and J Zone

nobody fuckin w/ my squad this year!

poetssp said pack was scared to let me get involved in a basketball game about a year or 2 ago. i would have took it easy pack.

VENOM said:i would have took it easy pack.


Good to see iCON will be on your team.

Definately find that beat, I can just see a good colabo comin from that. The rocksteady basketball tournament is usually on a weekday right? I wanna check that out sometime…. Hopefully rocksteady is back in NY this year and not in Jersey

all the production for the album are pretty much set, unless someone submits some HEAT
but i spoke to zone and we’re def gonna work on some music together