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QN5 MEGASHOW 2005 (7.30.05) :: ArcheThoughts (08.03.05) - Megashow Weekend Pt. 3 ::


(RSC & The Keys Incident)

12:10 PM: So, I finally get a chance to sleep for about 4.5 hours after this huge night. We got SOS, Pack, Kno & Vanessa in the crib and Pack was scheduled to rock a little something at the Rocksteady Anniversary in Harlem that afternoon.

So, we decided to split up, cause Pack had to be there early, and Kno had to pick up Natti, SunnyStylez and Sicari who were stayin at some chick’s house uptown. I left Kno & Vanessa with my house keys and broke out with Pack & SOS with whatever Merch we could carry. Kno would then take the other half with Vanessa and meet us at RSC.

So, Pack, SOS & I arrive at the RSC Anniversary. I respect these brothers because they go through the trouble of organizing this event every year and it’s always fun. Still, It’s upsetting to watch this event become scaled back in the past couple of years because of the city’s bullshit politics and red tape.

Anyway, We set up a merch table and sold a few CDs…SOS then broke out to catch his bus back to ATL and Mecca showed up. Around 5 PM, Pack & I hit the stage for Pack’s set…did the damn thizzle and then I had to break out.

Kno wasn’t gonna be able to roll through to the event in time, and I needed to get Vanessa to the airport for her flight at 8:50 pm. So, I hopped in a cab with the 6 boxes of merch that we brought to RSC and headed to meet Kno, pick up the remaining merch he had brought for RSC and pick Vanessa up in the process.

...14 Boxes and 15 minutes later, Vanessa and I are in a cab, and we decide to skip dropping the boxes off and make our way back to the Airport, just to be safe. We hit Laguardia… I drop her off from the cab and make my way back home. I get home, unload all the boxes and drag all 14 heavy ass boxes to my stoop all by my lonesome.

I reach into my pocket to open the front door.






I had a fuckin breakdown. I literally just sat on my stoop. I just couldn’t deal with anything anymore. See, the problem was…Mrs. Deff wouldn’t be home for another 2 days and I’d be locked out of my house with 14 boxes of merch I couldn’t leave out there.




So, I made a gut decision to call another cab [Luckily I had $20 left] and drag all these boxes with me to the airport. I’d have to reach her somehow before she left, or I was FUCKED. She had her wireless laptop, and I called a few people to see if maybe she was online - she wasn’t. Damn.

I got to LGA and It took a minute to find a way to make it from the curb to the inside of the ticket counter. I managed to steal a cart and loaded the merch up…rolled into line and waited. The clock was ticking and this shit was taking forever. I still wasn’t sure if she had the keys or not, but I couldn’t get Kno on the phone to verify cause his reception was shitty too.

I stepped up to the ticket dude and I explained the situation to him… I gave him all the relevant info: her name, departure time, destination… he located her flight and had her paged.

He left me at the counter for a second…5 agonizing minutes later, he returned with my keys. As he placed them in my hand, he said, “She told me to tell you not to kill her”. To which I responded, “I can’t, she’s already past security.”

It’s kinda funny. She was with me the whole weekend, and endured my last night of editing and was a LIFESAVER for the show, etc. So, I’m not mad at her at all. It was partially my fault too, cause we were BOTH too fried to remember the important little details. I love my niece…but this definitely woulda sucked. haha

My adrenaline was sky-high by now. This weekend had kicked the living shit out of me, and I was dehydrated and just starting to melt. I lugged the cart of merch over to the Wendy’s at the other end of the terminal and ordered the Biggie Sized Dr.Pepper.

I collapsed into one of those metal chairs in the food court and sipped my way back into reality. I still had a cab ride back home and 14 boxes of merch to lug up 4 flights of stairs.

Well, to make a ridiculously long story a couple paragraphs shorter, I managed to get all the merch upstairs. I was exhausted, spent, drenched from the humid summer heat, bruised, moderately dehydrated and sleep deprived.

I surrendered to my living room couch, falling into it like a truckload of bricks. My heart pounding from 5/6 arduous trips upstairs. My eyes shut themselves…and my mind blanked out.

I suddenly recalled the rush of walking out onto a stage in front of a frenzied crowd.

And even after ALL of that, somehow…it was all worth it.


good fucking read. you’re a robot i say, a motherfucking robot.

“Session’s dead?!”


*can’t remember the lyrics from Celly*

impressive. the effort is greatly appreciated.

now, send me my shirts. Wink

you want the freshest bread?

buy the wheat…..........

haha… ya…........ tone how you managed to type all that… damn!!! could u imagine if ur computer crashed??? damn that would have REALLY sucked!!!!! well at least you made it thru…...........

and the show was HOTT!!!!!!!!!!


sounds like a hell of a fucking time. too bad i couldnt afford to make it.

well that was a good read

Great read Tone, thanks for sharing it.

I called a few people to see if maybe she was online - she wasn’t. Damn.

I was of no help at all


Oh my god…

That’s unbelievable…
I’m shocked.
How the fuck did you do that?!

Tone, you’re officialy the new SuperMan. I fuckin adore you!
Damn it, and to think that you actually sat down and wrote all this.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the show… It’s absolutely my loss.
I’ll be there next year, you got my word on it.


*wipes tears from eyes*

I only got one thing to say…

QN5, you guys are a LEGEND!!!




(I love ya’ll).

Daisy120 said:OMG, this last part of the story really does not make me look good, everyone’s prolly like, “that dumb bitch, fucking up our Tone”

Only Jive is thinking that, Only Jive

Nah, I bet you were exhausted and you obviously had to deal with all that stress too.

You did a good job, Vanessa!
Welcome to the forums, Sista. Smile


wasup daisy!

Been a crazi event.

nah i would think of you like that

the funny part is when you told teh guy to tell tone “dont kill me”

its not your fault you forgot
thats a common mistake anyway

damn tone…you shouldve smoked some of that purple…#1 stress reliever on the planet…..besides sex…and ms.deff was OT so i guess you wouldve had to settle for the purple….lol….

on another note…im proud of you guys…the organization was great….you guys are very professional at all times and i really like that…stress will come at ALL events big or small you know that…..just keep doin what you doin…we fam know i got your back…like hass and pack…


I mean…rass a good dude and all that but…..COME ON!!!!

daisy - ur a trooper all the same!!! good looks on bringin the laptop everywhere!!! hahaha….

i wanted to meet you vanessa Sad lol

so correct me if im wrong (i want at the show im very sorry) but ras was being a bit of a tit?

and thats a crazy story tone + 250,000 respect points for just surviving that shit. seriously i think any normal person would have curled up in a ball and died after you found out vanessa had your keys.

oh yea and i gotta say wassup to vanessa too.

LLLOOOOOOOGIIIICCCCC!!!!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

I was not aware you were tone’s niece and i was sitting next to u at soup and burger, and probably blinding you with flash during the show (my bad). tone sup with your comp? maybe i can help u out b4 u beat it with a bat. Very Happy

Yeah that was some crazy shit tone, kinda suprised that security didnt say nothing about how you wouldnt kill vannessa cuz security was there. I mean i was down at grand central days after the london bombing, security down there aint messin around.
Which was probably a good thing that when some guy asked security if he could pet the dog, that i didnt move right quick as i was walking by to see if it would take off his hand. Oddly enuff i didnt do it, not cuz i wouldnt have felt bad for the guy but because security down there got guns friggin as long as my arms.

Tone…very good 3 part read man…

All the shit you went through was worth it…it was an amazing event. I’m sure you were more than overcome with the response you recieved…Blue Schoolers were there in full force man…I’ll cop some merch on the 6th…

For real man…stop by on the 7th and kick back with a beer for a bit…peace…

huge props to tone for all the work he put in…very appreciated it and the show was dopee

haha… crazy fucker tone.

Thank you QN5 for the best 18th birthday ever. You all put in an INCREDIBLE amount of work, especially you Tone.

hahaha, i woulda just called a locksmith.

don’t let the grind get you down. these megashows are such an amazing experience.

i assume you’ll be having the next megashow at a different venue? ahaha.

Like I told you at RSC, the little (as my role in passing out flyers was quite minimal) I did to help made me realize just how much work you and everyone else had to put in to organize everything. After reading everything that had to be dealt with up until the last minute I think we all can appreciate it that much more. There’s no doubt I’ll be making the trek to NY next summer.

epic v2 said:i assume you’ll be having the next megashow at a different venue? ahaha.

real talk, i think BB Kings is perfect for the show, like it or not. maybe if you (tone) tacked on a buck or two to the ticket price, you can get around the 30%? bah, get your gangsta on and work something out for next year Cool


Thank you QN5 for the best 18th birthday ever.

How many fuckin 18th birthdays have you had man…LOL..Fraud! Wink