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There is a BIG difference between the two.

Having a difference of opinion on something does not give you the right to come out your face blaring shit like “you’re wack”, “you’re corny”, “you’re a little girl,” etc etc etc.

There is NOTHING WRONG with having a difference of opinion so long as it’s done respectfully (ie. Without name-calling, and immature references). If you have a legitimate complaint and can demonstrate why in a rational and adult manner, that’s the type of member we want on our forums.

I personally give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to certain things…but when cats act ignorant after repeated (AND RESPECTFUL) warnings…the rules gotta be enforced.

Dissing some rapper anonymously on a random message board is one thing… dissing a rapper you know for a fact interacts with their fans on their very own forum - IS STRAIGHT UP DISRESPECTFUL.

And if you feel strongly enough about your convictions, and want to make an example out of yourself to others, make sure you approach the camp about it in person. But this ain’t the time or place for pettiness and stupidity.

With that said, anyone that would like to take up ridiculous antics and blanketed misdirected hate are now BANNED. (And will continue to be banned under the various fake names that are bound to be registered in an effort to keep on with it).

We hate doing this shit, but muffuckas just don’t know how to act sometimes.