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Idk if it’s working lol :/

It’s working… our forum is a little screwy these days! Welcome to the community!

First post (test).
Thanks Chris for helping me to get a login!


Hello Everyone, so this is also my first Post in this forum.
I wish y’all a good day and of course I have to thank Chris again for creating my account.
Peace out, LJoe Smile

New here.
Been 12 years since I first went to a CunninLynguists show (damn, I’m old). Been a fan buying all QN5 since then, but Hunter literally changed my life this year (right album at the right time, I guess). Prospero Año Nuevo.

Welcome, all new members! Don’t be strangers, now. Smile

Blu skoolers! What is going down! I’m George. I am new here. Been a fan though for a while & I’d like to say that Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, Cunninglynguists & so on have all made major impressions on my life. You guys are spectacularly talented & I hope you keep on making music that both insults, & inspires:) This thing called hip hop is a force to be reckoned with. (Niggaz do not know) Emcees tried & true such as yourselves utilizing vast pallets of sound yet still maintaining such fundamental qualities as honesty, masterful lyricism and I guess to the layman; homely exterior are what’s keeping it alive and un-insulted. Here’s to Qn5 and all of the other labels and crews that will keep it so a decade from now. Salute Smile -George

Hi everybody I’m new member Smile

Chris - thanks for creating account for me

Welcome, Rosek1990!

Hello this is me Pororo

yerrrr hello there fam. old head (relatively speaking)—went to the megashow with ras kass and was real active on the boards around then. looking forward to jumping back in w/ yall

Do it.

Get to jumping back.

My post seems to have been deleted from the Whispers appreciation thread. Is it because I did not post here first?

Thank you for letting me join! There is a lot of interesting stuff on here and I look forward to reading it all and connect with the community Smile

Cheers from the Netherlands

Peace Bouwen!

Welcome Bouwen!

hello ladies
i’ve been a fan of qn5 for about 3 years after i found tonedeff’s polymer for the first time, glad to be on the forums despite it’s arguable death