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Deacon The Villain You Can Buy Her Diamonds

Fucking tune!

Hear it here

Everyone kilt it like a Scotsman >_> Very dope beat.

my computer is fucked…

Well, err, so? It’s a Left Field Radio song. Good group of MCs…

So I can’t listen to it…. Go figure!

i was going to make a post about this song… that beat is crazy!

just wait til you hear the other beats, they’re dope too. Deacon is too slept on, so hopefully this project wakes some heads up.

teethree said:I always though Deac is the most slept-on producer in the QN5 camp.

I agree, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we just haven’t heard as much from him as we have the other producers.

I wasn’t aware of Left Field Radio until I heard this track. I won’t be sleepin’ any longer.