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As of 07.14.06 - (80% Complete)

Braille - “Hard To Determine”, “Forgiven Advantage,” “Sister Of Change”, “Right This Moment”
Beatnuts - “Wachugondo”
Bizarre of D-12 - “Stop Cakin” [Produced by A Piece of Strange]
Candee Reign - “The Reign Soon Come”
Cashmere The PROfessional - “Vikkin The Beaver.” “Thinkin”, “We Want It Raw”, “Grown Man B.I.”, “Smoke Out”, “Clap (f/ Oktober & Celph Titled)”, “Friendgirl”
Chapter 13 - “Rock Stars”, “Brain Over Muscle”
Chico & The Man - “No Hope (f/ Deacon The Villain)”
Country Folk - “Shawty”
CunninLynguists* - Will Rap For Food [LP]
CunninLynguists* - Southernunderground [LP]
CunninLynguists* - A Piece of Strange [LP]
CunninLynguists* - Dirty Acres [LP]
Debut & Archrival - “Get Down”
DJ JS-1 - “Arrogant (f/ Tonedeff,Rise,Substantial, & PackFM)” [12” Single]
iCON the Mic King - “Ahead Of My Time”
Kno Vs Hov - The White Albulum [LP]
Illstar - “How Drunk” Remix
Jon?Doe - “Landfall”
Jugga The Bully - “Faded”, “Over By My Crib”, “Off The Chain”, “Haterade”, “The Jugganaut’s Coming”, “Pressure”, “Feel Me”, “Shit Is Bangin’”, “Anachronisms” “You Dat”,
“It’s Deep”, “Hostile Takeover”, “Clueless (Fuck Clue)”
Kynfolk- “Being Human’s Hard (f/ Versatile)”
Lil’ Scrappy - “Sometimes” [Produced by A Piece of Strange]
Masta Ace - “Play Hard”
Mr. Mecca - “Dimes (f/ Breez Evahflowin)”
Mr. SOS - “Time (What Is It?)”, “Welcome To Planet Earth”, “As The Globe Turns”, “
Oktober - “Stay In Line (f/ Cashmere & C-Leather)”
PackFM - “Forever Shine”, “Excuses (f/ iCON The Mic King)”, “Ugly Woman (f/ Extended Famm)”
QN5 Allstars - “Commercial Rap”, “Fear”
Sankofa - “RDB”
Solid Entity - “Wet Your Appetite”
Silversmiths - “Episode IV”
Tonedeff - “Loyal (Remix)”, “Porcelain (Remix)”


• CunninLynguists - Will Rap For Food [LP]
“Lynguistics,” “Mic Like A Memory (f/ Kory Calico),” “Fukinwichu,” “Ain’t No Way (f/ Mr. SOS & Anetra),” “Missing Children (f/ Braille),” “Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts,” “Kno’s Diggin,” “Midnight,” “Halfanimal,” “Family Ties (f/ Cashmere The Professional),” “Mindstate,” “Takin The Loss (f/ Jugga The Bully),” “Not Guilty”

• CunninLynguists - Southernunderground [LP]
“Intro,” “The South,” “Love Ain’t (f/ Tonedeff),” “Rain,” “Doin Alright,” “Interlude 1,” “Old School,” “Nasty Filthy (f/ Cashmere The Pro & Supastition),” “Falling Down,” Interlude 2,” “Appreciation Remix (f/ Cashmere The Pro),” “Dying Nation,” “War”

• CunninLynguists - Sloppy Seconds [MT]
“Seasons (Remix),” “Mic Like A Memory (Remix),” “Love Ain’t (Remix)”

• CunninLynguists - A Piece Of Strange [LP]
“Where Will You Be”, “Since When”, “Nothing To Give”, “Caved In (f/ Cee-Lo Green)”, “Hourglass”, “Beautiful Girl”, “Inhale (Interlude)”, “Brain Cell”, “America Loves Gangsters (f/ Tim Means), “Never Know Why (f/ Immortal Technique)”, “The Gates (f/ Tonedeff)”, “Damnation”, “Hellfire”, “Remember Me”, “What’ll You Do?”, “The Light”

• CunninLynguists - Sloppy Seconds Vol.2 [MT]
“Cornasto,” “What They Playin? (Blow My High)”, “Break Even (f/ Tripp Doogan)”, “Miss Lady (f/ Rahzel & JS-1)”, “Mind Won’t Behave (f/ Mr. SOS)”, “Be Free (Remix)”, “W.C.G.”, “Diamond Sky (f/ Natti & Versatile)”

• CunninLynguists - Assorted Tracks
“Be Free”, “Karma”

makes me sad to see no session songs…...but 20% of it is missing so who knows?

Damn. I’ve had the song for years, but never realized he produced the “How Drunk” remix.

Wow. Just listened to Ahead Of My Time for the first time. Kno, your work on this song is heavily appreciated.

Pumpkinhead - Me To You is produced by Kno, isn’t it?

where is the prod discography?

It got mangled during the forum import. It’s fixed now.

think anyone could update this?
thatld be awesome if someone did

yeah we definitely need an update!

everyday_hustler said:yeah we definitely need an update!


I’m surprised by the number of tracks listed on this that I can’t find on YouTube. Kno produced some seriously underground shyt back when he was getting started.