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Deacon The Villain Take Me Back


I love the song.

Ditto. The layering around the end blended with the vocal work is really fucking brilliant. Nice work, Deac.

why doesn’t anyone else have something to say about this track?!

Because I’ve never heard this song of course. Anyone got an upload?

Never heard it either.

whatchu talking ‘bout houstonz?!

what the f***

i like to bump it very often in my car.

...does only a small part of this crowd like the track or what?

asterisks really do seem to get slept on

Definetly an ill track. one of my favorites. i had it on loop last week i believe.

I hope *4 has another take me back like song.

It is prob one of my favs.

Maybe he can preform it at this years megashow.

where is this track found?

lol i have the cd

Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics for this track?

I reckon QN5 should re-release some earlier work. Like sloppy seconds v1 and the asterisk series. I got number 4 and sloppy seconds 2 I reckon alot of people would be interested in it. It is so hard to find any of the earlier stuff.

yeah…take me back is NASTY.. i agree with Skemerzone.. Not 4 anyting but itunes kinda sux a donkey kong d***.Certain artist i like to have all Original cds if u know what i mean. Cover Art etc…..(not itunes )

Definitely one of my fav Deacon tracks. Bumpin it right now Smile

I’ve been on my beat game strong as of late and dishing beats out to all QN5 artists and various artists around the globe… You’ll start seeing (hearing) things pop up.

awww shit…can’t wait to hear the new tracks.