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Newbie Check-In :: Rules & Regulations BOOKING QN5 FOR A SHOW IN YOUR AREA - HERE’S HOW!

Any news on the danbury venues i dropped? ill talk to anyone u need me to talk to since im local.

i dont think n e one checks this thread tho, so whatev’s. Smile

also if yall need any extra photo work done, my boy John B. at OpenShutter.Net would probably hook u guys up, dude is nasty with his.

I will see you by December then Smile.

Have you guys followed up on those two venues i shot out to ya?... i can prolly check out some more places, i have been really busy and havent had time to really go out and talk to people lately.

but i know mad people who are fans that live in that area who are dyin to see yall do your thing live… i think it would do well, really really well. <message= “subliminal”> you should definitly do a show in danbury, Tuxedoes or Molly’s, either is a dope venue and both are perfect for a QN5 show.</message>

Arcane said:I’d book a show this second if you weren’t so got damn expensive

I would end up making like $50, and thats only if we packed the place

but I could gaurentee some A&R and media people there Wink

hahah I don’t even wanna hear it. QN5 expensive? For the shows we come through with? Sheeeeeit. We’re cheap on the scale of things.

You should see what other motherfuckers be chargin for shitty shows. It’s amazing.

Also, don’t forget… you’re workin with CAD… so, the conversion plays a big role.

QN5 said:Also, don’t forget… you’re workin with CAD… so, the conversion plays a big role.

Word….10 Candian Dollars per 1 American Dollar….right? Very Happy

Western Connecticut University would be a hott venue, i know MAAADDDD QN5 fans there… all of Pinney Hall (senior dorm building) is basically a tonedeff fan.

both of those venues i mentioned earlier have been slammed consistently for the past month.. i’d try and get in there.

both Molly Darcy’s and Tuxedo Junction… have been crazy.

Last night i went to molly’s and i had to park across the street (they have a huge parking lot and are adjacent to another HUGE parking lot and both were COMPLETELY packed.)

Friday or Saturday night is when u want to get into either of them… yall would make lotsa money if you did a show at either.

Patrick (in charge of booking)

Mike Roviello
203-748-2561 ext. 21

good venues…

and anotha one

and another one:

Premier Music Hall (Formerly PURE COUNTRY *mechanical bull wha what!?*)
6 Delay Street
Danbury, CT
US 06810

Ask For Anthony (Booking)

this venue just got a facelift and is hot as fuck… the upstairs has a champagne room and shit… velvet couches upstairs too… fiya… very spaceous, and perfect for a QNFizzle Shizzle Fo Rizzle haha *slaps self in face*... ok yah… check it out.

it wud be nice of you to come to sweden, we miss you here Rolling Eyes

Man, ya’ll gotta come to England…but come in Summer, nothing but snow right now.

Bar Fly in Liverpool is where it’s at! Just remember that.

Just one very simple thing
i haven’t heard of you guys being in canada
so how would that go about?

Platinum Plus said:Just one very simple thing
i haven’t heard of you guys being in canada
so how would that go about?

We did a 8-date tour of Canada back in 2004. We’ve been looking to get back to Canada at some point for another tour, but we haven’t secured enough connections/promoters to make it happen again. So, until then… scream at your local Canadian promoters about bring QN5 back out.

Oh f*ck, we just had MVP (that’s the right, the best Latin-American Rapper ever! >_>) “roll” through the city. He pulled up in a fleet of Astra’s - HE’S GANGSTA FO SHO!

This is a good thing though, more rappers = more rap fans = more chance of being able to book QN5 >_>

sure…have the promoter reach out to us. we’ll talk with them. or vice versa.

Donneta Cavazos
Meridian Booking Agent
Office: 713.225.1717
Fax: 713.225.1724
please come!!!!! lol

I followed the directions listed in the first post. Since I am not a promoter, I had my boss contact a couple of them, sent them the info you posted and they both gave him the same response…“They want too much money.” For all I know they never contacted QN5. These guys have pulled acts such as Kool Keith, Devin the Dude, Del the Funky Homosapien, Aesop Rock, ect… Grant it they are not QN5 artists and I live in a city dominated by bullsh*t rappers. QN5 needs to save Baton Rouge

Here is the info on one of the promoters
The Spanish Moon
Aaron Scruggs

sorry I don’t have a number

email sent. Lets see if Orlando has any luck.