Aug 8 Saturday, August 8, 2009 CunninLynguists, Kokayi, Mr. SOS, PackFM, Substantial, Tonedeff in New York City, NY, USA

(CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, Mr. SOS, Kokayi, + Special Guests)

Friday, Aug 07, 2009 (7:00 PM EST Doors)
@ Highline Ballroom: 431 W 16th St New York, NY 10011 (btw 9th & 10th Ave)
COST: $15 Advance | $17 Door

The QN5 MEGASHOW is an annual destination event thrown exclusively by NYC’s independent hip hop label, QN5 Music, for the their fans. It is the only time the entire label’s roster converges on the same stage on the same night. QN5 fans (ie. Blue Schoolers) from all over the world make their pilgrimage to this event to celebrate all things baby blue and see one of the most energetic and entertaining shows in Hip Hop. This event has already torn down legendary spots such as CBGBs, BB Kings, The Roxy (LA) and now makes it’s NYC return at Highline Ballroom.

This year, CunninLynguists will be performing their 2006 classic, A Piece of Strange, in its ENTIRETY with Kentucky-based backing band, Club Dub – along with many more surprises you’ll just have to be there to see for yourself. With 2009 being QN5’s biggest year of releases to date, this is NOT to be missed. Get your tickets before it’s too late!

NOTE: No photography will be permitted during this event.



I am counting down the days, cannot wait!!

I cannot fucking wait for this show. I don’t even know what to expect other than amazing performances and surprises all around. This event will be one for the books.

Can’t wait for the show. Makes for an excellent start to my Birthday weekend.

Coochie sweat gonna be at 100 degrees.

I’m def gunna be there!

Can’t wait!

No photography? Can I get a “press pass” or is that venue rules?

Love the fact that summer ain’t start yet and I’m already looking forward to August. Piyaaah!

no photography???? why not?

Hoping I can come to this – will be the best night of my life I think..

Let’s hope “no photography” means “We’re making a DVD of the live-show.”
I would love that.

Feel free to refer to this thread to get more info on the subject.

Cannot wait, see you guys in 3 or so months Very Happy

Is this all age or no?

Got my tix (Well ordered, waiting on snail mail), got my flights. All I have left to do it figure out whats up with NYC and where to stay. Whats a LA Guy know know ‘bout the NYC?! haha.

No way I was missing this though.

I’ve never been to NYC, and this show is enough to convince me to make the pilgrimage from central MN. It shall be epic!

the only way i wont be there is if im dead.

Actually, if im dead… im sure i can just leave a note somewhere on my computer that will make someone close to me feel guilty if they dont bring my corpse down there (Dear Favorite Brother, My dying wish is…), think “Weekend at Bernies” meets “The Bucket List” but more baby blue.

damn i wanna go! but i live in Norway, so its a long flight. idk, i have to think about this, but at the same time i cant miss it, you said it was a one-time-only show! Wink

Perfect opportunity to visit NY. You know it’ll be worth every penny.. (hell, just seeing APOS as a whole would be worth every penny – but the whole QN5 gang? Now that’s super-saver value)

Kamikaze had some beautiful pics from the CBGB’s Megashow…

Anyone know the parking situation around the Highline ballroom? Should I park outside the city and subway in?

when are these guys gonna come to the bay area!

After you come to the Megashow.

Here’s a great post from Samiha that consolidates a lot of the 2009 Megashow discussion around our website so far: [MEGASHOW] The Anticipation Builds!

Coming from MIA the 305 & looking forward to it!

mak0cgf said:Coming from MIA the 305 & looking forward to it!

Awesome! Another fan coming from a faraway location! You should check out the Megashow Fan Blog. It’s a blog by fans who are traveling to New York for the QN5 Megashow. Email if you’d like to share your experiences!


Lol @ the seahorse with the human fetus inside of it. The seahorse itself makes me think of the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance from Back to the Future… Then the fetus, in my mind, represents Marty McFly being conceived successfully. So basically Megashow is going to be full of insanely innovative music, like the first time Rock and Roll was invented by Marty McFly back in 1955.

Lol, I mean, correct me if I’m wrong. Wink wha? Lol

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