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They say confidence can take you a long way, and MR. MECCA, a charismatic young lyricist from Queens, NY, is living proof of that. One night while attending an open mic battle at New York’s legendary CBGB’s, a female patron overheard him critiquing the lackluster performances and asked if he could do any better. The cocky emcee responded, “Of course.” Still doubting his skills, shorty dared him to enter the battle. If he won, he’d not only snag the prize money but her phone number as well. Needless to say, Mecca had a new name in his black book by the end of the night.

Since making the decision to rhyme professionally at the age of 15, the now 25-year-old wordsmith has gone on to perform at numerous venues on the NYC underground circuit — including Rutgers, Joe's Pub, S.O.B.’s and the Knitting Factory. Inspired by the Old School, Mecca’s approach to his artistry is simple: Rhyme for the love of the art not the dollar. It’s a mind state that sets him apart from many of his contemporaries.

With a catalog of music that runs the gamut from braggadocios battle raps to witty metaphors, Mecca feels most at home when crafting lyrical ghetto tales. “Come On Now” for instance, is a true to life story about a frontin’ female that ends up catchin’ the vapors. His sharp wordplay and poetic nature, however, shines best on stage. With a powerful presence and well-put together performance, Mecca posesses exceptional mic control and often captivates audiences as soon as he hits the stage. It’s a talent he developed at an early age. As a youth, his aunt would prod him to reenact classic Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson records so she could capture it on film. From there, Mecca’s spark to perform blossomed.

The multi-talented artisan actually started off break dancing in the early ’90s. It’s a pastime that’s never left him. In the past, he’s been featured on MTV’s TRL and in early 2002, appeared in De La Soul’s “Baby Phat” video as a background dancer. In addition, Mecca has dabbled in the modeling arena, doing a print ad campaign with Milwaukee based clothing company, Phoenix Brand USA.

Mecca was the final 'single-feature' style Unsigned Hype winner in The Source Magazine (Nov.04). Immediately after garnering this great honor, he released his first mixtape, Throwback Vol.1, a tribute to all the artists that had inspired him musically in the past.

Despite the various side hustles, Mecca's passion still remains in his music. Currently completing his debut album tentatively entitled, Sound & Fury, he boasts: “I don’t think I can rap. I know I’m an MC. There’s a difference between being a rapper and being an MC...only rappers have to ask what that is.”

Throwback Vol.1 [MT] (2004)
Sound & Fury [LP] (2005)
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