"The south ain't so dirty after these cats cleaned shit up. Clever, emotional, straight dope; running the gamut of dopeness"
Score: 4/4
--- ADD Reviews, Laze (Oct 01)

"Will Rap For Food has something for just about everyone. Cunninlynguists serve up high-octane B-boy jams, joke-heavy diss raps, introspective spacey numbers, and the all-important posse cut ("616 Rewind" with Tonedeff, Sankofa, Kashal-Tee, and Celph Titled.) There are no blatant R&B crossover joints or pseudo-dancehall soundclashes, but hey, it's only their first record. Kno and Deacon come correct throughout, the production (mostly Kno's) is consistently on-point, and the many featured guests are far more of a bonus than distraction. Quality hip-hop all around."
Score: 4/5
--- UGS Mag, Brolin Winning (Oct 01)

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"Original is the only word I can come up when trying to explain what CunninLynguist sound like."
Score: 4/5
--- The Gateway, Milkdaddy (Jan. 02)

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"Will Rap For Food is the humble beginnings of a very talented duo. Deacon could certainly carry any group on his own, but Kno has enough talent as an MC that he should consider dropping the DJ from his name. Then again, maybe he prefers going with the sneak attack. A few more years to perfect their craft and Cunninlynguists may become serious contenders."
Score: 7.5/10
--- Art Of Rhyme, Andy (Dec. 01)

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CunninLynguists - Will Rap For Food [2001]CunninLynguists
Will Rap For Food [LP]
Original Release Date: [08.21.01]


In 2000, CunninLynguists offered up their Celph Titled produced debut 12" single, "So Live" b/w the now classic posse-cut, "616 Rewind" on the now defunct Buds Distribution.

Shortly thereafter, they released what was originally intended as a hand-to-hand release... CunninLynguists' debut album, Will Rap For Food on the Urban Acres imprint. Immediately after it dropped, the newly burgeoning internet hip-hop forums began to spread this album around like wildfire. In no time flat, WRFF was EVERYWHERE, even with its limited distribution.

Almost overnight, countless fans and critics alike had discovered a gifted new producer in DJ Kno, (who later dropped the "DJ" from his name in order to maintain the integrity of the title). With his lusciously-layered soundscapes of trumpets, sprinklings of drum & bass and a knack for devouring strings-samples in a way that had many calling him "The Primo Of Strings."

Songs like the unforgettably somber "Mic Like A Memory," the reflective "Missing Children," and the bombastic, "Aint No Way" (which inevitably featured future CL member, Mr. SOS), offered a stunning peek into the sonic universe of a new auteur. Along side Kno, the multi-styled MC, Deacon The Villain, finally earned his 'recording stripes' after tearing through a multitude of "RealAudio" tournaments on the online hip-hop juggenaut, RapMusic.com. Each of these

In 2001, swedish hip-hop site, Boom-Bap.com declared WRFF the "Best Underground Album Of The Year," amongst plenty of other favorable reviews in Elemental Magazine and others.

In finding this unexpected success, Kno & Deacon quickly got back into the studio and with the addition of SOS, they completed their brilliant sophomore album, Southernunderground.


:: Track Listing ::
01) Will Rap For Food (skit)
02) Lynguistics - Produced By Kno
03) Mic Like Memory (f/ Kory Calico) - Produced By Kno
04) So Live! - Produced By Celph Titled
05) Hey - Produced By Kno
06) Fuckinwichu - Produced By Kno
07) Ain't No Way (f/ Mr. SOS and Anetra) - Produced By Kno
08) Missing Children (f/ Braille) - Produced By Kno
09) Midnight - Produced By Kno
10) Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts (f/Jugga the Bully & Mr. Raw) - Produced By Kno
11. Kno's Diggin' - Produced By Kno
12. Halfanimal - Produced By Kno
13. Family Ties (f/ Cashmere the Professional) - Produced By Kno
14. Dirty South (skit)
15. Mindstate - Produced By Kno
16. Takin' The Loss (f/Jugga the Bully) - Produced By Kno
17. Not Guilty - Produced By Kno
18. 616 Rewind (f/ Tonedeff, Sankofa, Kashal-Tee, and Celph Titled) - Produced By Deacon & Kno

:: Credits ::
Written by: Deacon The Villain & Kno
Producers: Kno, Celph Titled & Deacon The Villain
Recorded at: Knomercy Studios (Atlanta, GA)

Cover Design: ADI Designs.
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