We didn't expect to announce it this soon, but UGHH.com's store section spilled the beans on this one before we could make the formal announcement. But we still have something they don’t: COVER ART! So, everyone wins!

Archetype is indeed closer than ever before...so close in fact, that we're dropping the 1st single from the album on 01.21.05.

Tonedeff - "Politics" (Produced By Tonedeff) a/w "Disappointed" (Produced by: Austin Tacious) [12" Single] is now available on UGHH.com! [$5.97] | [Click Here To Pre-Order "Politics"].

Click To View Larger Image  Click To View Larger Image

This is a Double A-Side, hence the dual cover artwork. The brilliant photography was done by QN5’s ‘pseudofficial’ photographer, FUBZ (Manifest Music, Beautiful Decay). Both songs are pulled directly from Archetype, with the exception of ”Politics” which has an extra verse added on the album. The vinyl includes clean, dirty and instrumental versions for both songs. Also, “Disappointed” contains somewhat altered lyrics for the clean version.

“I think the clean version is a little funnier than the dirty version,” admits Tone. “Only because it says the same filthy shit without the curses. It’s kinda like watching Scarface on TBS”.

On another note: Also, CunninLynguists - Will Rap For Food [CD & 2XLP] is also available now for Pre-Order! [$13.97] [Click Here To Pre-Order WRFF]

This album hasn't been commercially available in over 2 years! The debut classic LP from CL features updated and improved artwork on vinyl & CD. These will both be available on the same day. So cop them both!



Coming of his recent (and well-deserved) Unsigned Hype spot in The Source [Press], QN5’s own Mr. Mecca offers up a new batch of freshly cooked goodies to feed the new-music appetites of his fans.

Throwback Vol.1 features Mr. Mecca doing his thing in a way only he can, over some classic hip-hop instrumentals. We’re still waiting on the cover art, but here’s the tracklisting:

Mr. Mecca - Throwback Vol.1 (Unsigned Hype Mixtape)
1. Sexyman (Intro)
2. See Me On A Major
3. Alphamale (Snippet)
4. Paperthin
5. Learn Discipline (Snippet)
6. Road To Pimpin
7. Let Me Go (Snippet)
8. Remarkable
9. Make Em Clap (Snippet)
10. The Man Is Mecc
11. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Snippet)
12. How Many MCs
13. Sound & Fury (Snippet)
14. Top Billin
15. Sexyman (Outro)

As a gift to all Blue-Schoolers who’ve looked out and supported over the years, we’re offering Throwback Vol.1 as an exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD @ [Mr.Mecca.com]. So, be sure to check the site out later this week to get your fix of the dragon god.



Oh, it’s on now! QN5 will kick off it’s 1st official Halo 2 Tournament on Friday, December, 10th, 2004.

We have created an official CLAN on Xbox Live called QN5 ARMADA. In order to participate in the tournament, you must post your XBL Gamertag on the official Halo 2 thread on the QN5 Skybox [Click Here], and then accept the clan invitation. You have until Thursday, Dec 9th, 2004 to sign up and confirm your clan membership.

The tournament will be comprised of 3 Rounds that will take place over the course of the weekend:
ROUND 1: Friday, December 10th, 2004 [10pm]
ROUND 2: Saturday, December 11th, 2004 [10pm]
ROUND 3: Sunday, December 12th, 2004 [10pm]

Each round will be comprised of multiple “HEATS” that will serve to determine who cream of the crop is. This will be a Pyramid-Styletournament, as we’ll be taking the top scorers from each round and playing them against eachother until only 2 players are left to face-off with each other in a championship DEATMATCH on the final day.

• QN5 MURKOUT (Individual Slayer): Best Of 3 [Default, Snipers, Shotguns]
• MY HOUSE (King Of The Hill)
• TAG, BITCH! (Oddball)

• If you are not online at the time the tournament begins, you will be automatically disqualified from the tourney.
• Only ‘SPARTAN’ profiles will be allowed. Players with ELITE profiles will be DQ’d.
• No GUESTS are allowed to play on your account. Only members who signed up are eligible.
• Only the top 8 scorers from each night will make it to the next round.
• Depending on how many players sign up, we will form squads of 4 (or more) on the forum.
• *A ‘Team Battle’ will be held for “cool points” at the end of the tournament.

1st Place:
$100 Gift Certificate from Best Buy & A Free Autographed Copy of Tonedeff - “Politics” [12”] & CunninLynguists ‘Will Rap For Food’ [CD] (Upon Release).
2nd Place: $30 Gift Certificate & A Free Autographed Copy of Politics 12”.
3rd Place: Autographed Copy of Politics 12”.

Good Luck & We’ll See You Friday!


©2004 QN5, INC.

Mr. Mecca & a Live Band
Soul Mafia
:: Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 ::

Joe's Pub

Doors Open @ 10:30PM

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