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A blog by fans who are traveling from around the world to New York for the QN5 Megashow.

Osiris from New Zealand

NZ to NY: A QN5 Megashow Story (Part 2)

After months of planning I am coming close to finishing this grand adventure. All though the sacrifices were great and much of my time was placed into extreme insomniac mode, I can easily say it was the best time of my life – without one shadow of doubt.

Arriving in New York City

After a 19 hour trip with little more than 3 hours sleep I finally arrived in JFK. My adrenaline was pumping, and anticipation was through the roof. However after only a short while of arriving my first impressions were quite on the ‘bleak’ side of things.

When we did arrive I had a great idea of what to expect thanks to an absolute cougar I was chatting up on the plane. She reminded me that although there are great people within the city, don’t be disappointed if you get some idiots that live their life in the fast lane. I now realise I should’ve head her warning.

After only moments of arriving myself and my travel partners seemed to be caught in some taxi war, fake taxi’s and real taxi’s were swearing back and forth at each other. I knew it was 1 in the morning but seriously that was a bad way to introduce tourists in to the country. After a failed attempt to be scammed into a nice scenic tour which probably would’ve cost a fortune we found a taxi we thought was genuine but ended up being a complete nightmare. Firstly he couldn’t find our hostel, probably because he couldn’t fucking read and then just left us at some Indian restaurant. We had no idea where to go and quite frankly was pissed off with the lack of care. Fortunately we found someone that could read and showed us the way to our hostel, but it turned out our problems had just begun.

Due to miscommunication made back in New Zealand it turned out that I had failed to book correct date of accommodation. You see, as I was arriving so late it actually meant that I had to book the hostel the day before but because of the huge time difference between the two countries I had booked us in for the wrong date. We had no key to get into the hostel and after countless phone calls we had to wait until atleast 10am to get our rooms (the time was now 3am), that meant camping outside with all our bags for 7 fucking hours. I quite literally said ‘Fuck this, let’s just find a hotel for the night!’, but after travelling to about 20 hotels it seemed the entire city was completely booked out for the night. To our misfortune we had no choice but to wait outside the hostel with all our luggage – I was not impressed!

The Next Day

After 2 hours of waiting, Lou (the Hostel owner) came down and finally let us check-in. I wanted to rip his head off but I was just too tired and more so glad to have roof over my head. We all got about 6 hours sleep and then decided that due to hot weather, we’d check out the city… shirtless. All I’m going to say is that heads turned, but I don’t blame them.

Slowly but surely I began to like the city, the people seemed to be much more kind and sincere as the day progressed. At night we decided to join the rave of happy hour at our local bar. The majority of people we met had never met a Kiwi before, and seem to ask question after question about our country. I’ve done alot of travelling before, but no one I’ve met in my expeditions have been more interested in my country than New Yorker’s. I hate to admit I very much like being the minority so I was more than happy to talk about my boring little country.

The Blue Schoolers

The next day I got a hold of Chris Rhee and PretendGirl (aka Jill) as my mates rested over a heavy night of drinking. They had an extra ticket to an art gallery called MOMA (props to Mrs. Deff) so we decided to check out some local art. Much was very interesting, and after a short visit we continued on to join Del Preston, Boxsox and The Obvious for a pizza. All of which were really cool people, infact I would go as far to say my kind of people. New Zealand as a whole is completely starved of decent music, even local bands are losing their touch so it was great to meet people who connected with the music as much as I did.

After a short lunch PretendGirl and I departed from the rest of the Blue Schooler’s and continued onto Queens to meet even more people. Between the two of us I think it’s safe to say a friendship formed instantly, perhaps it was because we both shared similar personalities… or maybe because we both drank like there’s no tomorrow. Who knows? Many hours later Chris met up with us for dinner at a Cheese (?) Restaurant which was incredible. I finally met up with Dwilli and his friend as well, that dude has to be one of the funniest cats I’ve ever met – but I’m sure you all know that! I got alot out of that day, and now understand how much of a community we all are.

My first impressions and pre-conceived notions of the city were completely dismissed, and before I knew it I was slowly beginning to fall in-love with New York. I couldn’t boil it down to one thing, perhaps was the people or maybe even the culture. Despite I was averaging around 3-4 hours of sleep per day, and I really can’t remember a night I didn’t drink – the time I spent around New York left me with a feeling of content and happiness. I still however believe to this day it takes a special type of person to live there.

QN5 Megashow

As much as I’d love to go through the many other adventures the Blue Schooler’s and I embarked on it’s important to get back to the sole focus of the story. After spending a great day with the Jill, Chris, Dan (Jill‘s Fiancé), Dwilli, Caitlyn and even Samiha for a short time (who’s fucking awesome) it was finally time for the Megashow.

It was the single most exciting day of my life, I arrived early with my original crew from NZ and got the chance to exchange some words to Natti and PackFM before the show. Samiha reserved me the best seat in the house: Front and Centre, and after much waiting the performance began. I knew the concert was going to be incredible, but words cannot describe the feeling I felt during the show. It was like experiencing the very moment that defines your life – and it’s even better than you could even imagine. It was simply amazing! Every artist held it down, I could go into the nitty-gritty of each set but not even that couldn’t do it justice. You just had to be there. Afterwards I got plenty of photos, had a chat to most of the artists and even a picture with the one and only: Tonedeff!

It Gets Better…

Despite the misfortune of the After-Party (read Tone’s blog), Mrs. Deff (the sweetest woman on the planet, I’ll miss you dearly) invited me to Mr. and Mrs. Anime‘s party for a night of leisure the next evening. That day, it was also time to say good-bye to all my new friends as many were leaving on Sunday.

We all hanged out at Jill and Chris’s place, drank and got merry. I also got the opportunity to meet up with Epic Aesthetic again, the dude was a treat – and it was a relief to talk to someone who didn’t say ‘I cannot understand you, speak English!” constantly.

As night fell we embarked on our journey to meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Anime at the largest club I’ve ever been too. It was a treat to meet up with even more Blue Schooler’s. I gave Mrs. Anime a NZ 20 cent piece and passed it on as a present, I know it’s pretty crap but the time called for improvisation.

Tonedeff & Mrs. Deff also made an appearance. It was heart stopping to see my idol shake hands with me for a second time. Tone, Mrs. Deff and I chatted for a wee while, to all that have never met Tone he is the humblest, down-to-earth person you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting. It was great to exchange compliments, take pictures, have a drink and even a video blog for my mums birthday (which she loves by the way Tone) all in one fucking fantastic, surreal night. The hardest part was of coarse saying goodbye, I promised Tone I’d see him in 2010 – The dude just gave me a look of disbelief but I suppose only time will tell! It was also the last time I’d see Jill, Chris and Dan again. It was emotional on the subway ride home, we all exchanged hugs and handshakes and went on our way. My journey had came to an end.

Thank You!

I’d like to take this oppurtunity to say thank you to all those that were apart of this journey. Jill (PretendGirl) and Chris – You two were my best friends in New York City, if it wasn’t for you guys this trip wouldn’t have been as magical as it was. I wish you both the best and I cannot wait to see you soon!

Dan, Dwilli, Caitlyn, Del, The Obvious, Boxsox, Monotous One, Mr. & Mrs. Anime, JLee, Houstonz, Kaggs and all the other Blue Schoolers I met and couldn’t remember – Thanks for looking out for the Kid, remember we are a community and a damn well good one at that. Hope to see you all soon. Epic Aesthetic – It was a pleasure meeting a fellow, long distance traveller and thanks for all the recommendations. Sam and Dave (my fellow travellers) – It was a pleasure travelling with the two of you, can’t wait to do it all again.

QN5 Artists – You guys held it down! It is an honour and a privilege to see you rock the best Megashow in fucking history! And last but certainly not least Tonedeff & Mrs. Deff – Thanks for not only being the greatest people on the planet but for also going that extra mile to make sure my stay in New York was a memorable one. I’m indebted to you. Have an incredible year and hope to see you guys again soon.

(Sorry for the big ball of cheese by the way)

In Conclusion…

Saving and planning for this trip has to be one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Overall I’ve lost my car and favourite sunglasses (thanks to PackFM’s “Stomp”), camped on the street with all my luggage in tow, spent an obscene amount of money, didn’t get one wince of sleep, made new friends from across the globe and met with my personal heroes and idol’s and if I was asked if I wanted to do the whole damn-thing again I’d simply say…

‘In a heartbeat!’

Thank you all for hearing my story, see you all in 2010 when we do it all over again.

Kia Ora,

Epic Aesthetic from England

The musical entertainment experience of the fucking century

I look forward to discussing the show in detail on the forums, but for now I’ll just that even my exceptionally high expectations were eclipsed by the magnitude of awesomeness that was last night. Every artist was crazy, the guest appearences were great, the fucking opening video had my sides splitting, the blueschoolers were all so approachable and cool, chico and the fucking man.

It’s going to take me a month to recover from the overload of my senses and actually work out everything that happened. It was my pleasure and honour to be there, you can bet your asses I’ll be at the next one, regardless of whatever organs I may have to sell.

Thank you once again.

As for now, I’m in NY till Tuesday and would be happy to meet up with anyone still around. You can get me at epicaesthetic@googlemail.com or more likely on my phone [phone number removed] although I dunno what/if codes you may need.


houstonz from Houston

Wuddup New York

Hm, what’s that red building right there? The Highline Ballroom? From my window view?Fuck yes, it is.

I’ll be catching up with Samiha, Chris, etc. in front of the venue around 5:00.. I think I can leave around 4:58… mwahahahaha

P.S. I tipped a cab driver I could hardly understand $10 for the ride from LGA.. Is that unusual? lol

chris from San Jose, CA

We’re on a boat

With PretendGirl, Dan and Osiris in Central Park. See you tonight, people!

jinx8402 from Rhode Island

Getting ready to leave

Tonights the night.  But first we gotta leave to get to NYC.  We'll be leaving within the hour.  Should be getting to NYC around 2.  Give me a call [phone number removed] if anyone wants to meet up.  We're down for Room Service before the show with everyone.

Here's to tonight.
Craig aka jinx8402

houstonz from Houston

Wuddup 4AM

This beautiful woman and I are up and out on our way to the airport to catch our 6AM flight to NYC with a stop in Dallas. I think it's just now hitting us that we're going to THE FUCKING MEGASHOW!!!! And attending ain't all my better half and I will be up to. Once I can access my laptop this will much more colorful, but for now, see you all in New York. I'll be available in about 10 hours if you wanna hit up the cell and find something to do: [phone number removed]

 Peace Blue School

You're invited: QN5 MEGASHOW 2009.  Friday, August 7 at the Highline Ballroom in New York.  See details and ticket prices »


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