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A blog by fans who are traveling from around the world to New York for the QN5 Megashow.

Bosoxfanpw7 from Boston

First Day in New York

Some of the group from Kags and I are going into the city in the morning, let us know if you want to meet up. Looking forward to the show!

Epic Aesthetic from England

NYC is awesome, awesome, awesome.

Yesterday I was completley miserable. My first ever flight was fine, but as soon as I landed at Newark the massive culture shock hit home. The heat was not something I’ve experienced in England and nor were the manners of airport security. At the passport check, I politely said hello and passed my documents over to recieve “WHY HAVE YOU COME HERE?!?!” – I consider sarcasm. He has a gun. I reconsider.

After feeling like a terrorist, things got worse. Unsure of how to get to manhattan, everyone i asked pretty much ignored me. I don’t like Americans so far. I see an advert for a bus, I decide to just get on that. Bus lady is not friendly or helpful. I arrive, bewildered, lost and completely stunned by my surroundings. I quickly find out that I’m useless at hailing cabs.

2 hours later, my hotel room is a coffin. After deciding to have a shower I return to find my room key doesn’t work. I walk down 5 flights of stairs, naked but with a towel, still dripping to the hotel lobby. I want to go home, a lot. My room is also a sauna and the ac just blows hot air at me very loudly and my window view is of a blank wall 3 feet away. I speak to someone with a window view of liberty island who reserved later than me and paid the same. I decide to go het some food, but my money is in my safe which has stopped working. I walk down 5 flights of stairs. Apparently it runs out of battery. I hate new York and everyone here.

From the moment I set off, day 2 was fantastic. Suddenly everyone is friendly, I get lots of nice food, see lots of nice places, learn to ride the subway and allsorts. I love new York and all the people that live here. I’d evaluate more but my iPhone is stuck on vertical keyboard and typing is a bitch. But I love it here, there’s so much to do, so much to see, the people are so varied, the girls are hot and numerous, I want to live here.

I would never have seen this ineffable city had it not been for the megashow, so thanks again qn5.

I cannot belive it’s tomorrow, it’s actually gonna happen. Can’t wait to meet everyone, peace.

P.s. I got swarmed by rappers giving me CDs today haha – had always heard about it happening but the first hand experience was funny. I have subsequently lost said CDs.

Edit: drinking age being 21: booooooooo! America sucks again until further notice.

samiha from Portland, OR


NYC has mesmerized me for a while now. While most kids dream about living in NYC because of the seemingly glamorous lifestyle, the bright lights, and the late, late, late night food delivery, I was mainly drawn to NYC for a different reason. When I first became crazy about QN5 during my freshman year of high school, I automatically associated NYC with the label. When I first visited NYC, I actually actively looked for QN5 releases amongst hip-hop CDs at random street corners. When I found out that I would be going to college in NYC, I pictured myself attending different QN5 shows every month or so.

Now, I’m cutting my summer stay at home one month short so I can go back to NYC. And yet again, QN5 is what draws me to NYC. I’ll be going to my first (of hopefully many, many, maaaaaany more to come) Megashow tomorrow. The exclusive, extravagant, and extraordinary nature of the Megashow is enough to make me beyond excited. Coupled with the fact that I’ve never seen Mr. SOS, Tonedeff, or Kokayi perform full sets, or the fact that CunninLynguists are performing all of “A Piece of Strange” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I’m very impatiently waiting for these next 24 hours to fly by.

And in order for these next 24 hours to fly by, I need to fly first. But of course, I got to my gate in Portland, only to find that my flight has been delayed. Awesome.

And remember, if you want to grab dinner before the show, come to the Highline Ballroom at five pm!

chris from San Jose, CA

Jill and I found the mayor of New Zealand

We just met up with Osiris at MoMA! Heading over to Central Park to see the group from Boston right now.

Bosoxfanpw7 from Boston


Hopefully Walter, Nick, and I will be leaving within the next hour to head south to NYC. Barely got any sleep last night… this must be how Tone feels (but I’m far less productive). We don’t really have any plans for when we get into the city so if anyone wants to meet up my number is [phone number removed], call or text.

Let the craziness begin!

Nitroxide from Houston, TX

And So It Begins…

Man this summer/year has flown by… One minute (back in February) I'm finding out about these "Cunninlynguists" and this "PackFM" guy and this other "Substantial" dude, the next minute I'm planning a trip to New York (and convincing my girlfriend to come) to see QN5 perform the Megashow.

How I found out about QN5:

It started with Cunninlynguists and "Seasons", which led into hearing APOS. Once I heard APOS and SU, I was hooked and had to find more stuff like CL… I go to their website and see them promoting SJV1 with their new single "Never Come Down". I liked the song and noticed that it was hosted by QN5 music (who?), so I went and checked their Youtube page out and found gems like Pack's "Clik Clak Spray" and "Plucking Daisies" as well as Substantial's "My Favorite Things" and "Its You". From this moment, I knew that I had found something special. I instantly try to find out where to buy PackFM's stuff and APOS, but at the time, Whutduzfmstand4? (and all of Pack's other stuff) was out of print, ditto with APOS. In my desperate search, I come across the QN5 website and go into the forums asking why it's so hard to find QN5 stuff. I was extremely surprised when I was getting responses from Kno and Tonedeff about the issue at hand. This personal touch, where the artists actually communicate with the fans, reinforced my belief that I had stumbled upon something great.

Going to the Megashow:

Once I was on the forums for a little bit, I found out about this thing called the Megashow where the entire roster plays together for one night. This sounded like some distant dream that was nice to think about but would never come true. Once I started getting deeper into QN5 and started to understand the caliber of these artists, I knew that something had to be done. I was unemployed and broke so the prospects were pretty grim at first, and as the weeks passed, hope was being lost. Details of the show were announced soon afterwards and I saw that CL would be playing APOS in its entirety LIVE (HOLY SHIT!) This was what sealed the deal for me. I knew this would be a once in a lifetime experience, and even though I wasn't even planning on traveling this year, I would have to do everything I could in order to make this show – take out a loan, sell organs, whatever… Luckily, everything worked out without me having to sell a car (Osiris – props bro!) or an organ. A little credit card debt is a small price to pay for the adventures that await!

Thank you QN5 for providing such rich, deep, and amazing music! I really don't think I've been captivated like this by music, ever. I can say with complete certainty that under the same circumstances, I would not plan any type of trip for anyone else AT ALL.

And So The Journey Begins…

Tonight will be a kind of teaser to whet my live appetite as Atmosphere is playing with Eyedea and Abilities (what up Houstonz, I'll see you there). Then tomorrow we are leaving to New York in the afternoon, which will be me and my girl's first real vacation together and first QN5 show. CANNOT FUCKING WAIT! And now that there will be an official after-party, I'm not sure that this trip can become any more promising/exciting.

Can't wait to meet the Blue Schoolers/QN5 family and get down to some of the best music around! See y'all in a few days!

Bosoxfanpw7 from Boston

Megashow Trip Eve! (with Del Preston and The Obvious)

First of our “Vlogs”! We are not as weird as we appear in the video hahaha.

We’ll be in NYC tomorrow so if anyone wants to meet up just let us know.

jinx8402 from Rhode Island

Less Than 3 Days Away

Wow.  This shit is fast approaching.  In less than three days we'll all be experiencing the event of the year.

What am I expecting?

The unexpected. This is my first MEGASHOW, and I am sure to make it count.  I did not come around the community much until late 2006, due to that I missed information on the 2005 and 2006 shows and did not make it to them.  In 2007, I had just started a new full time job (first out of college) and could not get the time off, nor did I have the money to fly out to LA.  The worst part was the fact the show was on my birthday…talk about what would have been an awesome birthday gift.  After the 2008 show was sadly cancelled, I promised myself to make it the next time they threw the MEGASHOW.  Well, as soon as it was announced and available, I ordered my tickets.

I have had a few opportunities to see most of the QN5 artists.  The Spring Cleaning tour in Providence was dope.  Most of the fam was there (minus Substantial and SOS).  That set was insane.  Saw PackFM again in Providence at a small local place.  Damn near the whole crowd was sitting down just staring the entire show…until Pack came on stage.  He got the place up and into the show.  I drove down to NY last October for the CL and Substantial show.  I figured, if there was no MEGASHOW in 2008, this would be the closest to it.  I almost got an eF@MM set, as Tonedeff came out at the very end of Substantials set, but that did not come to fruition as the show was ready to go on to CL's set.

What do I want to see?

I am definitely excited to finally see Mr. SOS live.  That should be fun, especially with songs like Bionic and Apocalyptic Doomsday.  Hopefully he reaches back into his catalog with CunninLynguists (and maybe they would come out to perform with him for a few?).  Can't wait to see if Tonedeff gives us even a glimpse of something he's working on for Chico and the Man.  Though I can understand if he doesn't play anything off of it.  Sucks to hear that Session is no longer affiliated with the label.  I was hoping for some eF@MM joints.  Maybe they will still do some, minus Session.  And Finally…CunninLynguists…with a live band.  What else can be said.  This should be amazing.  I've been to a Roots concert and a Fort Minor concert, both which used live bands (obviously in the Roots case lol).  That just brings the music totally to life.  It is simply amazing

It's also fucking insane knowing that there are people flying in from all over the world for this.  Kudos to them for making the sacrifice to make it out here.  I guess travelling from Rhode Island is not much compared to that.  But I am going to enjoy the journey, listening to my QN5 mix I threw together to get myself ready for the show.  I will hopefully send some updates while travelling…word to smart phones.

I am fucking amped for this event.  I don't want to call it a concert…because I know it will be much more than that.

del preston from Boston

Less than three days now…

I’m sooo ready for not only my first Megashow, but my first ever QN5 show! Also, Me, Bosoxfan, and The Obvious, should have a little something we’ve been planning on collaborating on for the blog, hopefully by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

You're invited: QN5 MEGASHOW 2009.  Friday, August 7 at the Highline Ballroom in New York.  See details and ticket prices »


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