Megafans 2011 Blog

Updates from fans traveling to New York for the QN5 MEGASHOW

Sonny109 · Traveling from Boston, Massachusetts


As Im sitting in the condo my friends and I rented in Montreal and thinking about the weekend, I am at a loss for words.

This Friday was amazing and no words I am looking up in the thesaurus can describe it better.  I got into line wondering what the hell I was about to walk into and soon after I got in, I quickly realized I was in for a rare experience.

I was alone at first, but Enthusiasm found me and I consequently found my group for the evening. Of course its really hard to summarize the actual event, but I’m going to have to try so as not to post  a several page post. As I write this my legs still feel like jelly and my hearing on my right side is still partly gone, and I couldnt care less.

I was able to see the history of QN5 unfold in front of me, got  to watch sock puppet porn, and see the initial releases of CATM. I wish I was able  to go to what I presume was an incredible afterparty, but Ill save that for next year when Im actually 21. Till then, Ill just keep to the forums and watch QN5 grow more as always. Thanks again to QN5 and everyone I met and I hope to see everyone at whatever concerts QN5 throws over the next year. 

Nitroxide · Traveling from Houston, Texas

Saturday night spot

Anyone lookin for a place to go, we’re at Public House, 41st & lexington. Hit me up.


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