Sha-Suzie · Traveling from Greenvale, New York

A Love Letter for my QN5 Family…

Last week, when I was invited to hang out with some QN5’ers by Chris…I said…HEY WHY NOT! Little did I know that I was going to fall in love with 9 amazing individuals.

Through out the next 10 days I met some amazing people who I will never forget and I will miss dearly. So here is my love letter to all of you…

JLee – My darling Jason. You are so amazing. You have to be one of the funniest/sweetest people I have ever met. I soooo wish I can go to Disney World with you and Timo but we will definite see each other soon. I can’t wait to visit you in LA! Hugs!!!! You and I have to start planning this QN5 Camp!

EpicAesthetic – Timo. This was the first time I met you and in just a few days have gotten so close to you. Thank you for letting me share your 21st birthday with you. We have a plan a yearly Timo’s Birtday trip so we can have as much fun every year as we did this. You are definitely one of the coolest people I have met.

Imagetic – Mr. WillieD! Like I told you over and over again…you are going to miss me when you’re back in Portland. I sure will miss you. Every time I see Chicken Nuggets I will think about you. Thank you for making fun of me constantly too… J You better show me around when I come visit your neck of the woods, like I showed you NY. (I still owe you a drink!) Hehe

DWilli – Dave, you are absolutely, without a doubt, the AWESOMEST person I have ever met (in your category). Your energy is so awesome that it makes others want to me just as awesome. HEH. I promise I will make you some delicious Jewslim Drink. And I will do my best not to blow you up next time Wink I will miss you soooo much honey.

Osiris – My love Phil. You are so wonderful and I am glad that we have gotten to know each other better this year. We have to get married so you can move here and we can hang out all the time. I can’t wait to come visit you in New Zealand. Thank you for my flower. I will cherish it always.

MystycO1ne – Ben! Like I told you earlier, you give the best hugs ever! I know we only hung out for a couple of days, but in just those two short days I have come to see what a wonderful person you are. Can’t wait for the next time we all get to meet up! You better hit be up if you are ever in New York.

Enthusiasm – The beautiful Tatyana. You are so wonderfully sweet my love. And that smile…what an amazing smile! It was so great to meet you and hang out with you. Hope you had a wonderful time in New York. Hugs and Kisses!!!!

Sherwin – I don’t know what to say about you. We both live in New York and we never see each other. I think that we need to change this immediately. Although you tend to cut me off and ruin all my jokes (grrrrrrrrrrrr)…I still love you. We need to plan a hang out soon!!!!!

Chris – Chris, I think I will miss you the most. First, I would like to say sorry for almost killing you in the first 2 minutes of meeting you 0:-). Second, I’m sorry for always getting you lost, but hey…that’s a part of my charm. I can’t believe that there is another person who likes Frasier as much as I do. It was wonderful to meet you, and even more wonderful getting to know you.

To everyone else that I met, Tim, Rachael, Zack, CJ, and everyone else I can’t seem to think of right now since it is so late. It was wonderful to have met you!

The biggest thank you goes out to QN5. If it was not for your music and the Megashow, we would not have met.

What an amazing weekend! I wish I can live it over and over again!