Megafans 2011 Blog

Updates from fans traveling to New York for the QN5 MEGASHOW


I sure hope there aren’t typos and such because I sure as hell didn’t bother to check.

I wish there was a smiley with hands under it doing the angel pose….

Chris, GET ON IT!

Haha. That has to be his new avatar.

I feel so much alike.


JLee said: I spent nearly all my hours with Timo for two weeks and didn’t want to strangle him to death by the end of the trip, which is a pretty rare event.


It’s guy love!

Miss me much? X

Its gonna really hit hard when I get back to the UK. We ARE meeting uo within the next 12 months though.

oh you said that all so well, I miss you all and I only got to hang with you guys for a few hours! best weekend of my life!

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