JLee · Traveling from Los Angeles, California

QN5 Ruined My Life

QN5 Ruined My Life. Everyone seems a bit less interesting or fun. My friends back home suddenly come off as boring assholes (others just keeping up with the status quo). Nothing looks particularly exciting anymore. Other shows just seem mediocre. How is anything going to live up to the amazing people I reunited with or met for the first time, and the incomparable amount of fun we had before, during, and after the definition of what a live show should be? I’ve seriously woken up thinking, “so what’s the megafans crew up to?” since returning home from my trip then slinking into sadness after realizing they’re not around anymore. 

As amazing as the QN5 Megashow was (I’ll post about that on the boards), it really was about the amount of crazy awesome, nice, funny, but not as handsome as me people that I met during my two week trip. I spent nearly all my hours with Timo for two weeks and didn’t want to strangle him to death by the end of the trip, which is a pretty rare event. I could jump into conversation with a bunch of people I met for the first time like it was nothing. I could hang out with people I met months or years ago like we’ve been friends for years. How often does that happen? Almost never! Congrats, QN5, you have created the ultimate fan community in the universe. At the same time though, I hate you. You brought a bunch of wonderful people I love being around together then took it away from me much too quickly. Sad

Guess I’ll have to organize the 2012 Megashow: Camp QN5 to ensure I see everyone again. QN5 ruined my life. In the best way possible.

This would be where I would write individual messages to all the lovely people I hung out with, but you know who you are and how I feel about you. Also, it would just upset me to know you’re all far away from me and force me to take an angry nap — yes, angry naps are a real thing.