houstonz · Traveling from Houston, Texas

So here we are..

It’s Thursday, August 25th.. and I’m still in awe over the events that took place during my stay in New York over the 18th to 22nd. It was so chill meeting blue schoolers face-to-face for the first time from around the world and reuniting with ones I’ve met before (and getting to know them better than ever). I flew 1400 miles away from home to be warmly greeted by some of the most hospitable people of our generation. It didn’t hit me until we said our goodbyes Sunday night that I would miss the shit out of you all - even if I could simply go online and speak to you through QN5.com, Facebook, Twitter, etc. After sharing conversations, money, drinks, subway trains, sidewalks, tables, and bills with YOU.. you’ll never be a screen name again.

I may have been a wee-bit quiet amongst you guys, but it’s only because I couldn’t even believe it was happening.. or I didn’t know how to react to your amazing characters. You left me speechless.

More later, with love,