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the re-up

i suspect i’m not gonna be saying anything anyone else hasn’t. but fuck it, i gotta say something… i just wanted to express how it was wonderful being at the show and walking around afterwards with everyone. despite not getting much sleep that night (on a park bench) i was still able to drag myself down to the porch on saturday and hang out properly. i think what really struck me was how it all sort of gelled - it was as if these people (YOU!) i’d never met before had known me for months. the eagerness to forge new friendships was overwhelming and fantastic and makes me smile and nearly tear up. ok now i’m talking shit…

i can’t leave out the people who brought us all together, though. the artists (and their spouses!) deserve, well, more than i can put into words. our unending support maybe? anyways, thank you so, so, fucking much.

So! if anyone still around in NY (or lives there…) wants to hang out, i’ll be there from thursday evening until sunday for Rock the Bells before flying back to edinburgh - presumably with sonny109/john.

let me know Smile