Always [EP] by Substantial x Algorythm · 2015


Substantial collaborates with GRAMMY-nominated, Ethiopian-born singer/songwriter Wayna for the first single of his new EP Always, produced in full by Algorythm of (The Stuyvesants). The single, “Lasting Impression”, is a straight up head nodder and displays the chemistry that Substantial and Algorythm have brought for this new EP.

Following up his last EP with The Other Guys, Substantial joins forces with Algorythm (of The Stuyvesants) for Always. Always is the second of three EPs leading up to Substantial’s upcoming fourth studio album, The Past Is Always Present In The Future. Always features Wayna, QN5 founder and emcee Tonedeff, DC-based singer/songwriter Deborah Bond, Danish singer/songwriter/producer Fjer, and Seattle-based producer Marcus D (of Bop Alloy). Musically, Algorythm provides the perfect soundscape for Substantial’s witty and thought provoking lyrics which are sharp as ever. Always is a collection of songs about legacy, life and being present in the moment that will be remembered as the soundtrack to the summer of 2015. Substantial’s fourth full-length album The Past Is Always Present In The Future drops Q4 2015.

Purchase now via Bandcamp and receive a free bonus mix of Substantial and Algorythm’s previous work mixed by DJ Jav. Clean version of Always is also available on Bandcamp.


01. Lasting Impression (feat. Wayna)
02. Black of All Trades
03. Tony Stanza (feat. Tonedeff & Marcus D)
04. Cool Morning (feat. Deborah Bond)
05. Always (feat. Fjer)

Written By: Substantial
Produced by Algorythm

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