Archetype by Tonedeff · 2005


One of the most anticipated debut indie hip-hop releases of the early 00’s, Tonedeff’s ‘Archetype’ LP became an instant underground classic album with it’s time-proof gems “Porcelain”, “Masochist” and “Pervert”. Engineered and billed to be ‘a beautiful album’, ‘Archetype’ features 15 luscious tracks with guest appearances by Wordsworth, Rise, Extended Famm, & Supastition. Production duties are masterfully handled by QN5 Music’s Domingo, Elite, and Kno.



ARCHETEXTURE: Designing The Archetype (Documentary)

“Pervert” (Live In Berlin) – [2008]

Tone’s versatility has few parallels…Archetype is an engaging trip from start to finish, but don’t get too comfortable or else Tone’s rapid-fire style makes it easy to miss out on his high-caliber lyricism. His flow is truly one of a kind- IGN Music


My favourite album of all time over all genres. Every track is fantastic from the ground up in all aspects of the music, from the beats, the harmonies, the lyrics and Tone’s delivery.. this truly is the ‘Archetype’ for good hip-hop music.

I mean, ALL of the songs are ridiculous.. but even ‘Overture’ which is essentially an intro.. is incredible and gives me shivers. I couldn’t think of a better way to start an album. Oh and then there’s Case Closed/Gathered… possibly the greatest way to end an album too.

my english aint good enough to describe that masterpiece!!

no album ever had an impact on me the way this one did.

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