FMania: The Best (Of) by PackFM · 2008

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  1. Great God
  2. Spell It With A K
  3. Spit In The Wind
  4. Down & Out Freeverse
  5. Fear (feat. Tonedeff, Mr. Mecca & Session)
  6. Killa Freeverse
  7. Click Clack & Spray (Gettin’ Up RMX)
  8. Most High (feat. The Plague)
  9. Gang Green (feat. The Plague)
  10. Don’t Call Me (feat. The Plague)
  11. Plucking Daises
  12. Suzie
  13. Halftime Radio Session
  14. 2006 Preview
  15. I Can’t Win (RMX)
  16. Get Live (feat. Tonedeff, Mr. Mecca & Session)
  17. Backpack
  18. Line Drop (feat. Extended Famm)
  19. F*ck You Mean (feat. Slug & Brother Ali)
  20. Sky’s The Limit
  21. Stomp RMX (feat. The Bad Seed, Session, Copywrite, Poison Pen, ArchRival & Sean Price)
  22. Stomp
  23. BONUS TRACK: Hit List

Follow PackFM on a 10-year voyage down memory lane with this LIMITED EDITION collectible DVD, FMania: The Best of.. Built from the ground up for QN5 collectors – only 1000 of these have been made and numbered.

Packed to the gills with content, this DVD brings you never-before-seen concert footage, interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary, including a candid interview where Mr. FMakalishus recaps his Top 5 Favorite Moments on stage. Plus, ALL of your favorite PackFM music videos in full DVD quality including the EXCLUSIVE “Nigga Pass” animated cartoon and more!

FMania: The Best of. also comes with a bonus CD that includes an 80-minute blend of the greatest and rarest PackFM tracks including his very first recorded track ever “Hit List” – all on one disc!

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Was watching this again the other day. Great DVD, with lots of interesting stuff on it. Watching through definitely makes you want to go back and listen to WDFMS4 as well as anxiously anticipate IFHR.

And it comes with a great CD of classics too! A must buy for people who are slow to catch up on PackFM.

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