Robots & Dinosaurs by Kokayi · 2010


The official follow-up to 2008’s Mass Instructions, Robots & Dinosaurs is a self-produced tour de force that showcases the Grammy-nominated artist’s varied talents on every track. Handling executive production duties along with Tonedeff, Kokayi has managed to create a work that highlights the spaces between the extremes of modern pop, rock & hip hop and subsequently deletes them. Photography by Chad Griffith, and cover art/layout by Seattle-based illustrator Lindy Kanand round out the project’s feel and give visual life to the music.



“RoxTar (ft. Rock-afire Explosion)” – [Directed By: Donlee Brussel]

INSIDE.1: Genre

INSIDE.2: Choosing Sides

Such is the freedom of Robots & Dinosaurs, an unconventional long-player that proves that artists—especially those in this saturated rap region — can meld genres without sounding schizophrenic. What results is an exceptional record that is easily one of the best albums of the year, and the finest recording in Kokayi’s small discography.
- Marcus J. Moore, Washington City Paper. [READ FULL REVIEW]

“Kokayi has created a sound that’s entirely his own – a blend of rap, rock, electronica, R&B and whatever else he decides to throw into the mix and doing so with expert ease. If this album doesn’t make a best of 2010 list, it would be a complete travesty. This release deserves not only deserves measurable acclaim, but also a place in anyone music lover’s collection.”
- Rating: 4/5 – Potholes In My Blog

“Robots & Dinosaurs… an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink post-modern pastiche of sonic sweets.”

The former Opus Akoben front man proves unequivocally that urban music is a game for all ages, and that black people shouldn’t rely solely on hip-hop to express themselves. What results is an amazingly brilliant album that is easily one of the year’s best recordings — not just in the Nation’s Capital, but the entire industry.

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