Sloppy Seconds Vol. 1 by CunninLynguists · 2003


  1. We’re From the Internet (skit)
  2. Pump It Up Freestyle (feat. Natti)
  3. Watch Yo Mowf
  4. Over the Hills
  5. Masta Ace – P.T.A. (feat. J.Ro & King Tee)
  6. Skew It On The Bar-B (Freestyle)
  7. Chico & The Man Drop
  8. Love Ain’t Remix (feat. Tonedeff)
  9. Deacon The Villain Drop
  10. Affirmative Action (Freestyle)
  11. Sticky Green
  12. Earth’s Essence
  13. KRS-One – If You Only Knew
  14. Jugga the Bully – Off the Chain
  15. Deacon The Villain Drop
  16. Mic Like A Memory (Remix)
  17. The Fellationelles (Skit)
  18. Nasty Filthy Remix (feat. Substantial & Jugga the Bully)
  19. Irrationally Speaking (feat. Kynfolk)
  20. Dem Thangs (Freestyle)
  21. Never Scared (Freestyle)
  22. Lay Low (Freestyle)
  23. Made You Look (Freestyle)
  24. Chapter 13 – Rock Stars
  25. Welcome To NY (Freestyle)
  26. Mr. SOS Drop
  27. Rap Name (Freestyle)
  28. Cashmere the Pro Drop
  29. Magic Stick Freestyle (feat. Z-Ro, Cashmere the PRO, Mac Lethal)

Consisting mainly of assorted freestyles, cameo appearances, outside-production work and inspired remixes of material from their first two albums, Sloppy Seconds serves at the perfect companion piece to any fans collection.

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They make their music by right clicking on their mouse peripherals, and encoding their rap messages via broadband connections.

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