Sloppy Seconds Vol. 2 by CunninLynguists · 2005


  1. Cornasto
  2. WQN5 Station ID
  3. Masta Ace – Play Hard
  4. The Party (Skit)
  5. What They Playin? (feat. Natti)
  6. Kynfolk – Being Human’s Hard (feat. Versatile)
  7. PackFM – Fear (feat. Tonedeff, Session and Mecca)
  8. Cashmere the PRO – Clap (feat. Oktober, Celph Titled)
  9. WQN5 Station ID
  10. Beatnuts – Wachugondo?
  11. Natti – Break Even (feat. Tripp Doogan)
  12. Chapter 13 – Brain Over Muscle
  13. Mr. SOS – Time (What Is It?)
  14. Cashmere the PRO – Friendgirl
  15. Tonedeff – Porcelain (Remix)
  16. Miss Lady (feat. Mr. SOS)
  17. Til’ The End (C.A.L.I.) (feat. Trek Life)
  18. The Talk
  19. Since When (feat. Natti)
  20. Mind Won’t Behave (feat. Natti & SOS)
  21. Blue Collar – It’s Over
  22. Be Free (Remix) (feat. Natti)
  23. W.C.G. (feat. Natti)
  24. WQN5 Station ID
  25. Diamond Sky (feat. Natti)
  26. What’ll You Do?
  27. Outro

The mixtape is a thorough reminder of the Cunninlynguists’ incredible talents. Each track is produced by Kno, and every glossy rhythm individually reaffirms his status as one of the best beatmakers in the game…Sloppy Seconds is about as good as mixtapes get. Lush rhythms and reflective lyrics abound on the record, fueling already rampant anticipation for the new album. - Okayplayer

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This is one sexy ass mixtape.

No pause. Very Happy

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