Strange Journey Volume One by CunninLynguists · 2009


  1. Departure
  2. Nothing But Strangeness (feat. Looptroop Rockers & Hilltop Hoods)
  3. Lynguistics (Live In Stockholm)
  4. Move
  5. Inverse – Spark My Soul (feat. Substantial)
  6. Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
  7. Hypnotized (feat. PackFM & Club Dub)
  8. Dance For Me (Remix)
  9. Mr. SOS – Die For You
  10. White Guy Mind Tricks
  11. Georgia (Remix) (feat. Killer Mike & Khujo Goodie)
  12. K.K.K.Y. (Remix) (feat. Skinny DeVille and Fishscales of Nappy Roots, Young Chu & Sheisty Khrist)
  13. Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes) (feat. Slug of Atmosphere)
  14. Tonedeff – The Distance
  15. Broken Van (Thinking Of You) (feat. Mac Lethal)
  16. Billy Joe’s Garage (To Be Continued)
  17. Nothing But Strangeness (Bonus Instrumental)
  18. Move (Bonus Instrumental)
  19. Spark My Soul (Bonus Instrumental)
  20. Never Come Down (Bonus Instrumental)
  21. Die For You (Bonus Instrumental)
  22. Don’t Leave (When The Winter Comes) (Bonus Instrumental)
  23. The Distance (Bonus Instrumental)
  24. Broken Van (Thinking of You) (Bonus Instrumental)

Tracks like “Nothing But Strangeness” and “Die for You” bop along with musical energy usually not reserved for hip-hop… It’s just really invigorating and, sure, intimidating to hear a guy work samples so eloquently… [Kno] is on a new evolutionary level of hip-hop production. -Nodima on

If this is what they left on the cutting room floor though… It just requires a HOLY SHIT! A lot of artists can go a lifetime without ever so much as touching some of these songs. -Rayhzel on


Best tape ever!!
beats are not that worked.. i mean, not like a piece of strange or a dirty acres! but its still mega dope! Samples are amazing!
tone shows us that he’s still in da place with an amazing Distance track witch is probably my favorite on the tape!
Mr.SOS gives us a taste of what is coming on HILSWALB!
And for Deacon and Natti, what could i say?? they still are getting better and better, aspecially Natti, witch is slowly becoming my favorite CL artiste..

we’ll see what the future brings..

sorry for my shitty English Wink


someone sell me a spare pre order. Get at me…?

same here, would be much appreciated

i was broke as hell when pre orders were up cz i changed jobs. Absolutely gutted now lol

A fresh record for french summer, bravo mr CL !
Samples are fully amazing & create sensitive soundlandscapes,

Strasbourg, France

i just bought this cd tonight and im jammin it right now its hella dope im definately gunna have to get the other cds too much love keep doin wat tour doin its great

are the cords in Broken Van the same as Irrationally Speaking…? like same piano/accordian type thing? just noticed this. just wondering if it’s just me

Just you. lol

whats the status on part 2?

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