Substantial/Burns by Substantial & Burns · 2009


Substantial/Burns is an exclusive digital-only EP, written by Substantial and produced entirely by Pittsburgh’s own, Burns. This 10-track release features guest appearances by Extended Famm, Kokayi, Steph The Sapphic Songstress, Capital I.D. and 15 year-old newcomer, Wealth. A must-cop for Substantial fans, in anticipation for his forthcoming third studio album.

  1. It’s Showtime!
  2. Reason To Smile
  3. Do What We Gotta (ft. Kokayi)
  4. Logicool (ft. Capital I.D. & Steph)
  5. Nobody Cares (ft. Wealth)
  6. People Gon Wake Up
  7. Open All of My Soul
  8. The Memo (Move Me)
  9. Daycare Gig (Interlude)
  10. The W.W.K.Y.A. Tour (ft. Extended Famm)

“This 10-song heater is rife with bangers and seamless production. Simply put: This album is grown folks’ hip-hop, but not so stuffy that the youngins won’t appreciate it. The music is universal and a top notch offering from a top-notch emcee.”

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