whutduzFMstand4? by PackFM · 2006


The long awaited debut solo LP from the punchline king! The 16-track album is Executive Produced by Tonedeff, and is the first QN5 release to feature production from all five QN5 Producers (Tonedeff, Kno, Deacon The Villain, Domingo, and Elite). Featuring appearances from iCON the Mic King and a brand new track from Extended Famm.

Executive Producer: Tonedeff


Click Clack & Spray (Remix) – [Directed By: PackFM]

Stomp – [Directed By: Kareem Edouard]

The Nigga Pass (Skit) – [Animation By: Franz Palomares]

Spell It With A ‘K’ – [Directed By: Adam Buncher]

Any notion that PackFM is a one-dimensional battle rapper will be effectively smashed after hearing this collection of clever, comedic, introspective and intelligent songs, all fused together with an amazing, raw energy. -MVRemix

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