Dunno if you watch my MMA Analyst vids on YouTube but I’ve been listening to your stuff for a LONG TIME! I also make beats. I’d love to do a collab with you!!

Hit me on my e-mail: 100Bulletz@gmail.com.

You can see my MMA vids if you search “MMA Analyst” and hear the beats if you search, “100 Bulletz.”

Hope to hear from you, Tonedeff!

Is it viscous or vicious? The latter seems right and the former seems counterproductive, but the spelling was somewhere in between. Sorry for being such a Nazi about spelling

FUCKING SERIOUS?!!!! How did I miss this? THIS IS SICKNESS!!!!!

Awesome stuff dude! What a great way to support him, I’d be so honoured to have tone do this for me if I was a UFC dude.

Holy shit the MMA Analyst listens to Tonedeff, That’s crazy. This songs sick as fuck tho, Chris Camozzi is lucky to have had this shit made for him.

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