Written & Produced by Tonedeff for UFC fighter Chris Camozzi’s walkout/entrance music at UFC 127 (2.27.11) in Australia. An avid MMA-enthusiast, Tonedeff decided to create this exclusive song as a means of support, after discovering Camozzi was a fan of his music.

Written & Produced By Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP)

We ain’t playin tonight…QN5 Ain’t playing tonight/
We ain’t playin tonight…QN5 Ain’t playing tonight/
We ain’t playin tonight…Tonedeff, He ain’t playing tonight/
We ain’t playin tonight…QN5 Ain’t playing tonight/

Bang! You know we come to Bang!
You throwin nothing! Bang!
Right on the button! Bang!
Good night, bitch. Bang!
You know we come to Bang!
We own you fuckers! Bang!
So don’t be frontin…Hey!
Y’all ain’t built to Bang!

Verse 1
Yo! I’m armed with gifts that hit like a dodge, Bombing like I’m on a mission from god,
When you dip from the shot, then you’re tripped and get dropped/
With an omaplata grippin that arm with a viscious resolve,
Twistin it off to leave as a tip at the palms/
It’s unanimous, I consider decisions a loss,
Cause son, I’m a closer, coming to finish the job/
Snakey slick talkers get unhinged at the jaw
Brother, you’d think they’re confessing sins to the father the way that they kissin this cross/
Lift you off-a ya feet, like you sit in a saw rigged with ball
at the opposite end fit to rip through a wall – Demolition-grade!
Splitting the top of your noggin, till you spin and then topple
and then you out cold like getting a dip in the pond while up in the Michigan frost
Sleeping like you was whiffin exhaust
Off of the choruses and the underhooks that’s keepin you pinned to the song
Ditched by your sponsors, a pink slip from the boss/
Herb Dean will have to administer salts just to get you to talk
You can’t.


Verse: 2
I’m switching my stances….So swift with the stanzas,
Got you dancing with stars, but no disco or actors/
Son, this is just practice, You the dude with the wife
and 50 kids, cause apparently you only pull out of fights,
Don’t be fooled by the hype, When the truth is I’m actually nastier like
Cecil Peoples saying the kicks don’t count, but I hit to the rhythm and got em tappin to strikes/
I’m a natural athlete, fight to the death if the ref was in absence/
So at the request of the champion I’m bringing a medic and testing olympian levels on the rest of your matches
I’m pressing the action – If you layin’ and prayin’ and doin dick from the top
Then confess to your passion – you the type to opt-in for a prison massage/
The difference is obvious, kid when I hit you there’s ominous music that lifts from the audience
You quite the opposite, it’s like you flick me with nickels your strikes are as stiff as a dollar…wet/
This is dominance in the broadest sense – I got a sound defense for staying off the fence/
I grip around your neck, until your eyes get bugged out…and I’ma choke you the fuck out/
And when the ‘showtime’ kicks in I’ll bury you, digging in a post-fight interview with Ariel/
Your girl knows what she wants/
She said she LOVES to stand & bang – but never threw a punch/





Dunno if you watch my MMA Analyst vids on YouTube but I’ve been listening to your stuff for a LONG TIME! I also make beats. I’d love to do a collab with you!!

Hit me on my e-mail: 100Bulletz@gmail.com.

You can see my MMA vids if you search “MMA Analyst” and hear the beats if you search, “100 Bulletz.”

Hope to hear from you, Tonedeff!

Is it viscous or vicious? The latter seems right and the former seems counterproductive, but the spelling was somewhere in between. Sorry for being such a Nazi about spelling

FUCKING SERIOUS?!!!! How did I miss this? THIS IS SICKNESS!!!!!

Awesome stuff dude! What a great way to support him, I’d be so honoured to have tone do this for me if I was a UFC dude.

Holy shit the MMA Analyst listens to Tonedeff, That’s crazy. This songs sick as fuck tho, Chris Camozzi is lucky to have had this shit made for him.

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