Yo, remember when everybody was all like,
HipHop is dead and Fuck Bush?
Yeah, you know, yesterday.
Now everybody’s wearing Obama shirts and we got songs called “LOL Smile
Did I miss something?

My president’s black, my rent is late
But my president’s black, so everything’s great
Last week it was dead, now rap does not suck
Lil’ Wayne and Gucci Mane just got locked up
Drakes on the radio, Kid Cudi’s selling
Lil’ Jon and DJ Khaled finally stopped yelling
Hova went and had autotune assassinated
Lil Mama jumped on stage and everybody’s fascinated
A brand new game, but the rules ain’t changed
Nobody’s the new someone, different’s the new same
You wanna be a rapper, forget about the music
How tight are your jeans tell me what color your shoes is


I don’t mean to rain on your parade or nothing
I just want to know what everybody’s smiling about
Did I miss something?
Everything looks the same to me
I mean…

Now everybody’s partying and having a ball
So happy to be heard but saying nothing at all
Like a tree inside the forest that’s just waiting to fall
You may have opened up your eyes, but you’re facing the wall
Now some will try to front like they’re embracing the struggle
And if you don’t like it then you’re hating on the hustle
Its downhill from there, but it happens very subtle
See you can’t be too drastic, you don’t wanna break the bubble
Perhaps its just a gap in between the generations
When 140 characters passes for a statement
Maybe I’m too concerned with the situation
You may think that I’m complaining, but at least I aint complacent
For years they were feeding you lunch meat only
And now they’re giving you spam, instead of bologna
Hate to break it to you homie, regardless what they told you
You still eating garbage, it’s time for some soul food

PackFM: Yo! Are you even listening to me?
Tonedeff: Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah man. Yeah man.
PackFM: Do you hear the words that are coming outta my mouth?
Tonedeff: Hold on one second, son. This dude texted me…he got this app that counts his pubic hair. HA HA.
Yo! It counts his pubic hair. That shit is crazy!
Yo. What? Awww, come on. Don’t look at me like that, man. You’re just mad cause I’m having fun.
Yo, gimme the remote, man. Yo, change this shit! I don’t wanna watch the fuckin news, dude. Gimme the remote!
I wanna watch that new TMZ shit. It’s like, uh, ‘Top 100 Celebrity Outbreaks’.
They got Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba with cold sores and shit. Shit’s crazy.
Yo dude, lend me five dollars, man. Nah, I’m serious. I’m starving. I ain’t got no cash.
Yo, times is hard, dude. Ya know? Gimme five dollars.


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This may be the funniest song I’ve heard in a while. The first verse killed it. You rock, Pack!

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