M83 – “Holograms (Tonedeff RMX)”

I’m fascinated by you.
I’m fascinated by you.
I’m fascinated by you.
The way you are.

In light, I will define you.
A portrait of a hologram.
I see, but I can’t feel you.
Cause you’re so far away.

I’m fascinated by you.
I’m fascinated by you.
I’m fascinated by you.
And you’re so far.

I reach through your projection
Your image lingers on my hands
I feel the lost connection
I pause to count the frames.

We’re connected. In a dream that we both can perceive,
feel my loneliness breathe as I hold your reflection.
What a tease, should be close here with me
and it’s so inconvenient to go this direction
No reprieve, cause it’s solely a means
to control this unease, yet it’s, slow, ineffective,
And the speech seems to choke the reception
But we know what it means
If we don’t intervene and proceed with this show
We can easily fold It’ll leave us exposed and defenseless
The amnesia will grow, memories seem to mold,
And it seems that we’re prone to forget shit
And the details that glow like it’s heat from the coals
will recede in the cold if neglected,
Though our reach is remote and electric
No, I still don’t really see us as separate
And I believe this whole screen is an entrance
The only thing that soaks me in your essence
Even though, you’re free to roam, we only tend to
be at home, keeping our phones ringing and texting
You would think it was OCD, relentless
We can’t leave us alone, seeking attention
To each his own, to me you’re so sweet its infectious
need to go see to my row of teeth with a dentist
You complete us, the fourth piece in a tetris
Your qualities that I quote read like a checklist
Yet there’s reasons to fold and be apprehensive,
sexless seasons get old, it feels like a sentence
And I scheme like dopefiend when he’s desperate
But you’re feeding my soul, I teeter on ethics
We have chosen the key to throw deep in the trenches
Clinging to hope indeed, with no belief in an exit
That’s when we get aggressive,
Being defensive, no one’s cheating – we’re guessing/
Beasts in a tempest roaring, screaming and venting,
Leading with questions, do you feel the effects festering?
We’re decreasing our presence, teaching a lesson
Posed like other’s dead, till the grief is immense
No amount of meters can measure the steepness or depth
When what we’re too weak to express gets between
In a heap of regrets, exceedingly vexed
Getting nosebleeds from the stress,
Which leaves the impression there’s no more steam in the engine
If it’s meant to end, who are we to reject destiny?
Don’t repeat what I said yet, heed it in jest
All this is a meaningful test, let’s reap what is left when
We sow seeds of depression
If we can attest the remedy is to rest next to me
So many people are skeptic to see
If love can linger when stretched this extreme
Perceived from their perspective from recent events
And the scene is intense, but it tends to deceive
Cause what appears to be senseless succeeds
When we are near we’re possessed, hence the heat
That is unequaled, it’s legend, it weakens our legs
And it rings in our heads and prevents us from sleep
And so our greed is incentive to keep
Pressing and leaning ahead, set to meet
But In the meantime, expect that I will greet you in bed,
As you set within the west, and I ascend in the east,
And still we need this repression to cease
My heart’ll beat like a freshman’s – with speed
When I’m swept from the stream and caressed by breeze/
and the relief that I will get when your projection’s released.

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