Recounts the journey through the over-blunted minds of Natti & Deacon the Villain as they trade verses about the joys of tainted chocolate products. The accompanying music video premiered on MySpace Music’s homepage.

Too much pot in the brownie pan
Got me baked faster than the brownies, man
Have you ever been high from the inside out?
On the lawn in my boxers like the insides out
Carjack a Care Bear and just ride out
In one of them cloud whips with the OnStar chip
I’m so high, I hope you understand this shit
Jane was plain til’ I ate her then she came too quick
Drink water while I’m rhyming but I still can’t spit
My mouth is pure cotton like a t-shirt coughin’
If baked means potato then my brain is au gratin
Talkin to myself with my neighbors all watchin
But going in the house proves way too hard
When I fall in the front door and land in the back yard
Physics don’t apply, midgets in the sky
Skippin’ round my head saying” “Negro you so high!”

Said I’m eye to eye with sky Gods beside Horus
Feeling like that white man singing in the chorus
How’d I grow to be the tallest tree in the forest
Without putting green in a shell like a tortoise, huh?
Rigor mortised, higher than a lions chin
If this was symphonies I’m way up there with violins
If its a choir then, soprano octaves
In an opera, where God lives
Look, I know I’m soundin like a liar but
These brownies are angel sex, got a nigga high as fuck
I smoke trees’ins through all four seasons
But I’m like gas prices, high for no reason
Call a nurse your boys higher than Google Earth
And if I fell the impact would put me through the dirt
So let me zoom in, and get my zoom on
This weed is Neil Armstrong I’m on the moon blown

Photography by Sarah Abramson


Man, this song just gets better and better. Driving round in my bro’s car with this on and the sun shining = heaven. Very Happy

Yeah I literally listened to this one song on repeat when I first heard it - and I don’t ever usually do that. I would play it through, it would come to the next song and I’d be like “nahhh, one more time..”

This song is the shit. Don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve also noticed that in a lot of songs by CunninLynguists they refer to Jane. Like in this song “Jane was plain til’ I ate her then she came too quick” or in Beautiful Girl. Is it a metaphor or an actual person? I’m just curious what the story is behind that name.

Jane = Mary Jane = Marijuana

Who is so stupid not to understand what jane is?

Maybe someone different?

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