“Only” is a self-produced long ‘look back at life as a bachelor, drawing inspiration from the comedy classic The Wedding Crashers.

“The main inspiration was the movie and the thought process of the classic bachelor and his quest for love.” Kokayi explains. Without he lays down the gritty facts, “I’m not so lucky with love, yo”, over a misty piano that served as the catalyst of creation for the song, “coming up with the piano line was the most enjoyable part of making the track, it inspired the chorus and the rest was easy.”

Throughout the song, Koke delves deeper into the echoey chambers of memory and past lovers, questioning the listener as well as himself. His lyricism shimmers in his distant mood as he delivers his message. “Bachelors want love too,” he says. “The Lounge Lizzards and professional singles dream, just as everyone, of finding true love.”

I’m not so lucky with love yo
been round a time or 2 before
But I’m only the lonely
the broken the hearted
the life of the party but hardly baby
I’ve seen it all before
Oh woah3
I’ve seen it all before
oh woah I’ve seen it all before

They call me this
Matt Taggert captain love wrong
heart tattered in shreds in fact splattered yo
in love songs
unrequited decided to not lie
it mattered to me the karma bounced back
like checks I wrote in fact the notes
left she quote to throngs of them office hoes
that wanted to do me, screw me like a Phillips
head included indubitably and she knew it
I fell for it Louis bag, Chanel, Coach bagged it
until her labels left like Chapelle never cancelled
I just rolled out no doubt no text messages
questioning I learned my lesson, okay player session in
fact I macked her sister right under her nose
and now she wearing all the youngins that I left upon her clothes
and then she never wondered why I never called baby
I suppose

Next victim to play I left twisted I went ham
don’t be a prude as she lifted her gam
nice child but librarian wild
when the lights in the back of the cab went out
straight shooter no puns intended
but she had yo intentions not
to mention a coupon for a ring a smile
took me to weddings figured I catch all the hinting see
crashing Owen Wilson w/o the suicidal tendencies
rock on wet t-shirt reaction knee jerk Mike Muir she was thrashing
hella fashion sense, hella passionate, but this fella right here wasn’t having it
it twernt the PDA, cuz I’m an iphone
I’m app’d (apt) to act a way her MAC is half a shade
iMac happily, with a younging half her age
with twice her shape with thrice her cake (yo)
and a quarter of weight a 1/5 of Henny
she had it really all tucked away
a 6 in line, now for the throne
she’s the 7th trick to switch and holla bout heaven
an 8th on the date, a 9th on the Wonder
10th she gotta Win, but I guess I’ll never bother(I’ll never bother)
to call her (to call her) I wonder (I wonder)if she’ll love me if I gotta a little taller?
Saying oh yeah
what happened to the music?

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